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  • 275 Oxley Ave
    Margate, 4019
  • Phone: 07 3883 1733
  • Fax: 07 3284 6611
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 Despite reviews, not bad infact, 17-10-2017 08:57AM

By: Nick C

Look disgruntled people are ALWAYS first to write a bad review ... but what about the 1000's of people a week who don't have an issue with them? I don't live far away from Cleaver Firearms and my father has been a sporting shooter his whole life and knows Tony pretty well ... but i'm only just getting into shooting now and certainly have heard plenty of bad stuff about them. BUT ... my experience with all the team so far has actually been great. Bought a gun, Heath helped me out and was great. Every time I've been in there - no issue with being asked for help - haven't had any bad dealings with them at all. In fact, I've had WORSE dealings at other shops that are supposed to be better! They are probably the busiest gun shop around - they are never going to keep everyone happy but i feel they do their best. Remember us as customers can be rude too when we don't get their way ESPECIALLY with this gear ... it's no excuse but remember that too.

 Unsuccure credit card transaction, 08-10-2017 06:53AM

By: Ken

Wow....I just did an Online Order with Cleavers.
I arranged for a friend that was calling into the store to pickup the items. As they offer a store pickup.

To my shock Cleavers also added the third parties purchase to my credit card. They told them that it was the simplest way to finalise the transaction.

Easy for them.

I'm sure that this is not legal.

I will be taking this issue further through the appropriate government department.

 mr, 05-10-2017 08:22PM

By: drew

ive been ripped by these pack of thieves. ordered 2 boxes of hornady 143 eld-x projectiles online to then find out that the projectiles are on backorder, still take your money. no reply to email enquires dont expect to get a reply either, i mean they already have my money. good luck to these thieving bastards, never touch these pricks again EVER. buyers beware. ACCC should get involved in this scam and close this racket down. what a scam???? drewy melbourne