Cleaver Firearms

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  • 275 Oxley Ave
    Margate, 4019
  • Phone: 07 3883 1733
  • Fax: 07 3284 6611
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 Buy else where, 14-11-2015 09:54PM

By: peter

ok- tried to ring got transferred by the woman on the phone to parts section was on hold for 5 minutes than phone rang - phone rang out and no answer. did this twice.

so I emailed them asking about required parts- they advised all in stock.

went through their registry process and ordered online - total 10 minutes.

then got an email 2 hours later advising everything is on backorder.
emailed the guy who said it was all in stock and he advised it will be a fews weeks away as they must have sold out in the 10 minutes it took to place my order......really ?????

I will to continue to buy from USA

 Australian, 05-11-2015 07:59PM

By: no fool

I can confirm that this mob is full of their own shit. Don't get any on ya. Honest rating would be minus 5.

 Unemployed, 03-11-2015 09:48PM

By: Leon

Get ready for the dole Your business is a joke that beggars disbelief and then the goverment will f-ck you like you f-ck everyone else