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  • 275 Oxley Ave
    Margate, 4019
  • Phone: 07 3883 1733
  • Fax: 07 3284 6611
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 justme, 02-07-2015 08:36PM

By: Anonymous

Work out exactly what you want before you go in, that way you don't have to ask advice from one of the amateur staff members, for example the one who told me they had no scope bases for a Howa. When I told him I needed Remington 700 bases he just stared at me like I was a three year old and said "no mate, Remington bases are for Remington..." Funny how the Remington ones I bought from Pine Rivers later that day fit perfect.
The best one though is the near argument I had with the other clown, the little guy that's been there for years who always looks like he's just come out of the watch house, when he tried to convince me that a black timber/nickel stoeger was in fact stainless/synthetic!
Let's not even begin to talk about customer service, you almost have to jump the counter and serve yourself or stand there for an hour and hope that one of the 15 staff walking around will eventually serve you. You only have to watch Tony and Jay to realise where they learn it from though.

 Mr, 28-06-2015 08:30PM

By: Jay

Absolutely crap customer service. They all act 'to 'busy' to help you, like they have something else to be doing, like you are an inconvenience.
Arrogant and rude.
They have taken my money for the last time, goodbye Cleaver

 Mr, 23-06-2015 02:44PM

By: Glenn

I have purchased 2 Howa riffles, Plenty of ammo and a scope.I will confess service is not one of the features of this shop, but at times the service has been good.
I would recommend any one but tell them to be patient.