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    Margate, 4019
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 Mr, 06-02-2017 11:52PM

By: John Coochey

I regret having anything to do with them. First experience was to order some larger magazines for a Remington Pump and some clips to hold them together in pairs. They sold me the clips and a year later I am waiting for the magazines. Clips of course being useless. When I was in Brisbane I bought some Sierra 7 mm projectiles specifying soft points but when went to use them found they had sold me soft points which are the most useless projectiles Sierra make they have a lousy ballistic coefficient well below what Sierra claim. No body seems to want to serve you every one playing with some sort of electronic device.

 KG, 28-12-2016 09:13PM

By: Kent Gage

I have been dealing with Cleavers for almost a decade. I've purchased several pistols, one rifle and thousands of rounds of ammo, air pellets, primers and hundreds of cases. Yes, they are always busy and it can take some time to get the attention of one of the overworked and unappreciated staff members (The same can be said for the QGE) . Despite this I will continue to spend my hard earned dollars at which ever store offers me the best deal and the best price.

 Mr, 08-12-2016 09:44AM

By: John

My 2 sons & I have been going to Cleavers for over 25 years, & will continue to do so..... I think that speaks for itself.