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 Mr, 07-10-2015 02:44PM

By: Glenn

I purchased over $250.00 worth of reloading gear from Cleaver Firearms. Most of the order was okay, however a $5.90 plastic ammo box with a hinged lid arrived with the lid cracked and broken. When I rang them up about it, I was told by Jane that I would have to send the old box back at my expense. I explained that it would cost practically $5.90 to send it back, and I offered to email her a picture of the broken box instead, however she was insistent that I could only have a refund if I sent back the broken item - no ifs or buts. I don't think this was very bright, given that I will now be taking my business elsewhere, and will be purchasing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of reloading gear in future. What a way to run a business! I guess they miss out on getting a broken ammo box back, but they lose a lot of profit. I wonder how long until they go into receivership at this rate!

 Reloader, 24-09-2015 08:57PM

By: Annonymous

Rang up and ordered a Hornady Classic Lock and load press.Ordered 243 Dies and a Hornady shell holder.It arrived with everything except that the shell holder was a Lee,and the wrong size.After calling them and argueing with one fool,I got told to send it back and then it was going to cost me $15.00 to get the right one sent.I said mate you made the mistake of putting the wrong shell holder in,why should I have to pay to get the right one.I finally got a polite bloke who said send it back with the receipt,and we will refund you the cost of postage and send you a Lee.They don't get it I didn't want a Lee shell holder.Anyway got a Hornady shell holder near where I live.Thank god I bought my rifle and scope at Pine Rivers Gun Shop,who are an absolut delight to deal with.Every time I rang there,nothing was a problem.No more money will be spent at Cleavers.

 Irritated, 15-09-2015 08:54PM

By: Bryce

After paying with a credit card over the phone for a rifle that was "in stock" and not receiving it, i started on a 9 odd month long debacle of being told i would have it in a week or so, with a million different excuses as to why said rifle was not sent, including being told that couriers had it, it was tied up in customs?, it was never paid for, you never ordered it ect, i was finally told the rifle was not in stock and never had been, it was on backorder and they estimated a further 12 month wait. Not being terribly happy about this they offered to send me a similar model in its stead. My wife contacted me later that day to ask what i had been buying with the credit card, i looked into it, i had been charged the difference in the price of the two rifles, without them saying a word to me about it, using my card details that they had stored from the original purchase. I was refunded eventually after pretty much being told to eff off. Never again.