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  • 275 Oxley Ave
    Margate, 4019
  • Phone: 07 3883 1733
  • Fax: 07 3284 6611
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 Some hate it some love it, 25-03-2017 09:26PM

By: josie

People either hate this place or love it......
People hate it because the management is woefully rude. I was in there the other day and one of the managers was swearing at a staff member. I feel really sorry for the people who work in this place. The owners are not nice to them and the staff are sooooo incredibly busy. When I am there, I always say "please" and "thank you" to the poor staff. I often go there and the firearms or ammo I want is not in stock, even though the website has them in stock. I have now started to ring them and ask if it is in stock. The freight on Cleavers goods is also extremely expensive. Rebel has much cheaper freight, so interstate buyers are probably better off going there.
Some people love this place because it is generally cheaper than most other shops in town, however, not always the case. I find that some things are cheaper at Rebel (Woolongabba) and generally always even cheaper at Shooter Delight (Undrwood). Service at Shooters and Rebel is excellent.

 Mr, 22-03-2017 02:51PM

By: Never Again

Can't be relied on to send correct item ordered via website.

Get's aggressive when you ask them about the item you ordered instead of what you received.

Do NOT do business with them.

 Tell some fibs!, 11-03-2017 09:44PM

By: Joe


Don't be a fool like me and believe them when they say "x" weeks. I have waited for two rifles. One took a year yet was supposed to be a month. Another was no more than 7 weeks and was over six months. Spoken to others and this is their business model!