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 mr, 23-08-2016 05:58PM

By: mick

not honest

 Wow shocked to say the least, 02-08-2016 10:33AM

By: Hanoushy

where do i start. placed an order early july, chose the option to have more than one parcel shipped if items were not in stock. there was no indication of any of the items being on backorder. next thing you know two of the 4 items in my cart were on backorder AFTER i paid and the shipping quote came back a whopping $24. its not been three weeks since and still have only received two of the 4 items and cleavers is ignoring all my calls and emails. unhappy and will never be shopping at cleavers again.

 john, 27-07-2016 09:21PM

By: Anonymous

Ive never had any problems.I order online,then pickup.Dont even talk to them,basically.They are always flatout,and I smile when I see dills wasting their time.Price is all Im interested in.John