Horsley Park Gun Shop

Horsley Park Gun Shop
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Horsley Park Gun Shop is revamped and dedicated in providing all of their customers with  all the firearm related brands, great service at the best possible price. Our helpful staff are all keen shooters and can give professional advice on most firearm related subjects. Located just 1 minute from the M7 motorway we are easily accessible from all areas.

We are currently renovating the shop showroom to enable us to better display more product with easier access and better customer service. In addition to this we are implementing a new stock control system so our stock availability will be even better than it was before.

Horsley Park Gun Shop was established some 30 years ago by Peter and  Joan Abela and is now continuing to build with Tony & Tracie Abela, John Dickey and our dedicated staff.

Thank you to all our customers for their continued support and we  hope that you enjoy your future shopping with us.

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 Still a customer, 27-05-2012 12:42PM

By: Stephen

I've been buying from HPGS before the store was built. (Peter Abela's shed on the hill). Went yesterday and spent $3k. Counted 62 people in the store. Difficult to get service but once attended to, very happy with the help and what I bought.
For what it's worth to Peter's son - have someone just 'meet-and-greet' your clients at the door, apologise for delays and direct them to where they need to go. The problem is that the business is successful and that requires careful management.

New Shooters beware, 17-07-2011 03:50PM

By: Anonymous

A lot of new shooters hear about this store from the big advertisements in the gun mags they have. Its unfortunate there are retailers like this preying on people trying to get into the sport who don't yet know any better. I have to agree with the other 2 posters before, there are better stores to shop at and spend your hard earned than see it go to a store which doesn't deserve to still be in business.

useless, 09-07-2011 03:00PM

By: Anonymous

these people are a pack of wankers. general attitude is shocking and there seems to be some kind of resentment resonating from some of the staff whenever a customer walks into the store. I bought 2 rifles from this mob a few years ago but won't ever set foot there again, there are better stores in Sydney to shop at (pretty much any of them for that matter are better). They regularly advertise one price and sell for another (higher) when you visit, and bullshit on leadtimes and availability, always blaming the importer / wholesaler even when other shops can get it in on short notice.

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