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 Bad service, 02-09-2016 05:05PM

By: greg

Yes I have had bad service,people are right you wait up to an hour to get served.
I have bought and got firearms over the years off them.I had some transferred to them also over the years and every time I had to chase them up because they forgot about it or the idiot doing it goes on holidays and doesn't tell anyone,all this for $70 (dickheads).
Nobody there checks their own prices they advertise and
the Website may as well be a joke as no-one replies to inquiries.
Abelas is the same,rang me twice on firearms I bought because they f## ked up the serial numbers.Ammo is not cheap either.
Come on guys you have been in the business for so long but
forget why you peanuts are there.Had enough.
Buying all my gear and transfers elsewhere now.

 something needs to change with this shop, 14-06-2016 02:40PM

By: anonymous

I have been left waiting for an hour and a half to be knowledge when I've come in to buy something.
John the manager or owner has the worst customer service i have ever seen ! besides Rick the whole lot of them have the same attitude as John . there has been multiple times where they have tried to sell me products that don't fit or work for my guns .
i have had to go to the manufacturer to get the right information and then advise them 'only to have them tell me im wrong.
this shop exists because supply and demand NOT because people actually want to go there.
its unless you know some one on a personal level their customer service is the worst I've encountered in a very long time .
be very careful i should of gone to Magnum Sports
as my close mate brought his gear from there with awesome feed back HDGS after this purchases you will not be Getting another Cent from me at all !!
id rather pay the difference to a store who actually appreciates my hard earned money you Spuds

 Mr, 04-06-2016 06:59PM

By: Luke

Worst gun shop I have ever dealt with, they were always rude, but local so I kept going back but now when I had my 1st return to make they refused to give a refund. They are not cheap, service is horrid, and now they don't guarantee new products. Last visit to these thieves. I'll travel to another store. Not Abella's campbeltown. Same crooked bunch.