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  1. I've used Oliver All Terrain with good effect in hot and sub-zero weather. https://www.oliver.com.au/45-series-150mm-black-lace-up-boot-45645 Soft-ish tread, which means less crunchy when walking. Non-metal cap, but still have to remove in some airports.
  2. True, but this was 40C on the day in Qld...
  3. Hard yakka or similar cotton workwear. Grey/khaki, green. Red stag 9.5 points walked to about 5m away from me. Silence and remaining still are skills to acquire before you shell out for camo.
  4. Thanks. I will try to use the plaster (oscillating) saw) from the local clinic.
  5. Cutting antler? So I want to split some antlers to use as handles. I understand it's basically tightly packed hair, so cut slowly? Or split it like long grain timber? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. Used to use auscam, soaked in "peregin" (a pyrethrum product, made from daisies or similar). Never had problems with it as far as skin rashes, but it worked on mozzies. Not sure if the game you hunt will smell it, but use the Bushman or army issue DEET (same ingredient as Rid).
  7. New member from Qld. Hunting since a kid, but slowly learning how to do it properly for a change. Mostly ferals, on my own property, usually.
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