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    My Landcruiser, my Datsun and my soon to have Tikka T3

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  1. Welcome to both of you. Have a good look around, plenty of info and experience here.
  2. I have been using "The Original Swat" boots for work (and hunting). Between $150 and $200 (have heard many different prices). Absolutely brilliant boots, very comfy, very supportive, light, great grip, last forever, laces with zip up sides so they are #### easy to get on and off. I have been wearing them 42 hours a week for the past 12 months (fair amount of walking) and they are only just now starting to show signs of possible replacement (work pays for them ). Just another option anyway. A friend made his last 3 years.
  3. Indeed, welcome all. Geez, welcome back Justin
  4. So get some cammo and cover your face and hands and you will increase your chances mate is the answer, you can hunt rabbits, deer, pigs, doesnt matter, as long as you have fun...
  5. Something that was brought to my attention recently was that UV stands out big time to animals. The advice given to me was to wash your cams/hunting clothes etc 2-3 times without powder as the powder uses UV stuff to brighten the clothes up, therefore standing out like dogs balls. Then just wash it without powder once after the first time, or if you get blood on them wash them a couple of times or with powder then no powder a couple of times.
  6. I have discovered some boots that are easily the most comfortable i have ever worn. They are called "original swat", they have laces but with zip up sides for easy of putting on and off. I have run in them, they are yet to show any signs of falling apart and i couldnt recommend them highly enough. They're only $140 too.
  7. How old is yours compared to theirs? New ones will pick up old CB signal, but old ones wont pick up new signals. I found this when I got my troopie and it had an old CB and my mates hilux had a new GME. He could hear me, I couldn't hear him.
  8. So the golfing ones are no good under 100m? Cos thats the furthest he would be shooting.
  9. For short distances like your riffle, a really cheap alternative is to buy a short range golfing range finder. You won't need something that ranges 600m+
  10. Welcome. Suggest you get your R (H) licence and head for the state forests. They have all of the above and the deer when you get up to it.
  11. wow, thats a good price, i paid that much for a 4 gun safe that will struggle to hold 4 rifles...
  12. Mine is a FujiFilm Finepix S1000 (fd). It has a proper glass view finder. I got it because of the good optical zoom, i dont like digital zooms and there arent many other P&S ones with this sort of zoom.
  13. The Fuji Film has actually many more options for multiple speed shots and it had a glass view finder so it wont delay what you see or anything, just hold down, look through normal glass view and Bobs your aunty. It has a few different types of options and you can choose the quality they come out, speed they are taken and how many are to be taken. Not trying to start a SLR VS Point and shoot. I just think the money could be better spent on ammo or something.
  14. I also have the Fuji film fine pix with 10mp and x12 optical zoom. Great camera with a few of the manual abilities like appature and shutter speed adjustments that come with an SLR, but way cheaper. Has great quality pics, good price and at the end of the day, if you dont know anything about photography, it will basically do it for you. SLRs are mostly meant so you can change lenses and change effects, you sorta need a bit of know how.
  15. Welcome fellas. Have a read of this, would be good if we can get a few people.
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