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Leica Geovid 10x42...opinions?

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Pracman what size did you order? I ask as a quick look around online has lots of prices and I reckon there would possibly be cheaper out there.

One thing we must consider is that so many bino`s have very good day vision but at either end of the day AM /PM those exy ones really come into their own and game can and will be seen through them whereas the lesser bino`s fail miserably.

The reviews were by a star gazer so night time- lol. I fully agree, picking the difference during the day is difficult. Deer and many other hunters want the preformace to shine at dawn and dusk not only in daylight.

I will have the 8*42 today I hope. http://www.myastroshop.com.au/products/det....asp?id=MAS-206

A reliable source said that the Vixen brand is made both in Japan and China. The Japanese are the ones I am getting and I was told there is a both a price,quality and performance issue.

Your right again RE the price. OS can be a lot sharper. I am concerned to have exactly what I want and a place to go if I don't get what I paid for. Buying OS cablea or others is fine BUT its easer to have a chat with a person who knows there stuff like many of our local gun/optic shops even interstate. Steve at MyAstro Shop and similar knw there stuff a lot better than me. Little bits like China/japan made for the same brand could be almost impossible to pick from reviews.

I will run then side by side with some more expensive ones asap.

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Vixen Apex 8*42 advertising re night use- I hope this is right-lol

The ultimately bright field of view produced by the objective and eyepiece lenses on which multi-layer coating is applied on the entire surface proves its power in the dusk or in a dark theater. from http://www.optbinoculars.com/category.aspx?uid=66-13-26

Just about every optics manufacturer will say much the same about their products.

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Just a quick word of warning.

Some binoculars in the Leica range are no longer made in Germany as you may be lead to believe. They are infact manufactured in Portugal. Now that's good if you like Nando's, but probably not that great if are after a top range optical product.

On that note, has anyone here used, tried, bought, or tested the Carl Zeiss Victory RF 10x45 T or Victory FL 10x42 T units? These are two binoculars that my research has pointed me towards, but they aren't exactly the easiest units to come across this end of the world.

Much the same as the general consensus, I am sceptical of performance and additional and unnecessary electronics in the combo RF+Bino units, despite the added convenience of having them all in one.

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Just reading the Bino' post and last night I ran into a rep who sells Lecia and Swarovski gear among other things like ridgeline stuff etc...to gun shops and he said "Swarovski shits on the lecia Bino's save some money and get a better product. Nothing gives you bolder colour and 15 minutes longer in the day like Swarovski's"

And for you Crumpler he said Zeiss was next best...

This was after many pots and long conversations about hunting equipment at a pub in far wets Vic. :D

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Well this post has given me plenty to think about but decission time is drawing very near, i'm back to NZ for a long weekend in November to hunt a similar area we looked at last and Chamios will again be the target. The country is STEEP i mean really steep last time we were there the gps had us only 1.4km's from the hut but we were 3900 feet higher than it at 6900 ft and still 300 feet from the top, weight is everything but taking in all the advice above i think i'll get the swaro's and a separate range finder ( any recomendations?) Whilst our hunting this trip will be a day light affair we are going to put in for the Wapiti ballot next year and the will be more of a dawn/dusk affair in the scrub so the swaro's have won out! Has anyone got any advice on the best place to purchase!! And thanks again to all those that helped with my decission!


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If your shots are going be steep uphill or downhill, I'd recommend a rangefinder that calculates the horizontal distance to target (compared to direct distance), as that's what trajectory is dependent upon. I'm not sure about the gear you're considering, but for e.g., the Leupold rangefinder models 3(?) & above have this function.

Also, there is at least one another riflescope brand than the one mentioned in an earlier post that has the rangefinder function - maybe Bausch&Lomb/Bushnell Elite(?) - I can check my magazines if you want more details...but not sure if it has the aforesaid horizontal distance function.


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