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Vixen Apex Pro 8 X 42

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My Saxon 8 x42 are retired- the Vixen Apex Pro 8x42 roof prism binocular are at least 30% brighter. my wife said 50%.

The Vixen turned up today and were focused during the day. Later at night 9pm in the dark at 350 meters is a nice little tree. it is just visible but indistinct to our eyes. Using in turn Redfield 2 -7 scope, saxon 8 x42 bino, Vixen Apex Pro 8x42, Alpen Kodiak 2.5-10 X 44 scope and LEUPOLD VX-III 3.5-10x50 scope.

I am pissed off!!!! the vixen are at least 30% better than my Saxon, My wife said 50% better! I can see the trunk of the tree clearly with the vixen and the LEUPOLD. The vision of both the thirty year old Redfield and saxon are about the the same- the Saxon have a much wider field of view as you would expect of binos V a rifle scope.

My am i pissed? The Saxon were cheap my LEUPOLD was not. The vixen were clearly better at viewing the tree and several people and dogs walking under it in the dark than my scope. Watching a deer and being unable to site up with the rifle would be more than a little frustrating.

The brightness and field of view was significantly better for the vixen. I would give them 2-5% over my LEUPOLD at any magnification. The Alpen were better than the Saxon and Redfield but not up to either the LEUPOLD or the outstanding Vixen binos. I will find a few set of more expensive binos to put to this test- lol

$460 for vixen was cheap. field testing this week end- STAG time after 2 hinds I hope

I am not a expert - I now know LEUPOLD was over sold or somewhat waffle now but will live with that- it not a bad scope but !!!!!!!!!!!!- it will be a while before i get to try the other optics but interesting to play with the few I now have. Some of the advertising needs a independent review- no body pays me- lol

Regards the weakest link- I paid for the shite or not quite prefect bits! LOL

You could try http://www.myastroshop.com.au/ but i couldn't care less- just don't tell Steve

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