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Upright Freezer


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Hi guys,

i noticed there are no items in the classifieds, and was worried no-one would look in there, but i have a freezer for sale in there.

It is an awesome stainless steel one.

mods delete if this topic is not appropriate :thumbsu:

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yep i do actually, got 2 fridges today.

I have a small one, tiny actually, and large 1 door glass, slightly bigger than yours.

They both need some a little TLC.

i also have a normal domestic fridge/freezer ready to go, and tomorrow i will be getting another stainless steel freezer but it will be a large 2 door.

They need a bit of TLC, but i will get there.

I also have 2 absolutely HUGE chest freezers, but they still need quite a bit of work before I can let then go. They will be great once working well.

Let me know if he is interested.

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hey guys, i really need to move my freezer, and any refrigerator gear i have, anyone do $800 on this one?

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I have a few more. they need a bit of love, but once done, they will be up for sale.

I have a :

1 x standard domestic unit (freezer upper/fridge lower) - $75

2 x HUGE chest freezers (ex -80 cabinets) - Will be around the $800 ono

1 x 2 door upright stainless freezer - will be around $1000 ono

1 x mini ex blood unit - $150 (needs a clean, thats about all)

1 x 1 door glass display fridge - $400 ready to go (possibly sold, pending)

i have stuff coming in rather regularly.

All this stuff is second hand and is really for the shed, or hunter (fox bounty/dear/goat etc), bottles, wine, just spare storage.

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