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Wedgetail Raptor Binocular Help

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hey, chasing some info on these Wedgetail Raptor binocular I have...

You wouldnt believe it, but I just happen to lok at them closely and not thru them for once and have notice on helluva issue..

where my Bino harness clips on to the little Steep rings and onto the Binoculars on a little piece of metal, is about to WEAR THRU.... Deemed useless..

So I have got to get some photos together and have and email forwarded tooooo...? I cant seem to find much info myself, Moroka 30 perhaps imported them? or I don't know?

Much appreciated!!!

they wont have heaps long left so sooner I email off with pics and then work something out with them.

last thing I needed!



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Yeah mate Rob had them made for his brand mate so he will be your only hope I'm afraid. I haven't heard too much about them good or bad, I have seen them and they looked ok. too many brands out there as it is and a pretty hard market to crack I recon.

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