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Overnight backpack hunting

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Just got back from New Zealand at 1.30am this morning.All I can say is harden up.Your feet will get wet and so will your boots,do get used to the idea of putting in cold wet boots in the morning.And as for socks,I like bamboo type.They take ages to dry,but they warm up very quickly and are super comfy whether wet or dry.I would chose to hunt mostly in thermal pants and shorts when in NZ,simply because they DON'T have snakes.Over here a set of gators and shorts would be ok in summer.Lets face it,if a snake is going to strike and bite the top of your leg,then even long pants aren't going to help.

If you fill your pack with cheap lightweight gear then expect an uncomfortable trip.You don't have to spend big either,you just need to chose wisely.Layers seems to be all the go these days,but I find a light top under my stoney creek bush jacket pretty dam good for me.Sure I sweat a bit in it,but I am always warm and comfy.I wouldn't wear polar fleece outer wear on a pack trip,but I know others who do.

And make sure you tape your feet,nothing worse than blisters when you can't do bugger all about them.

Keep an eye on the weather as well.We had a bizarre weather pattern this week.Joel and I hiked into a block in heavy wind and rain on Sunday,by Sunday evening it had become a blizzard.It was below zero and the wind chill was making my ears burn.Next morning it eas blue skies amd by 8am I was sunbaking on the deck in a pair of shorts.

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