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hey man-  pop down to your local gun store and check out their optics range- this will give you a clear idea of what you are dealing with as opposed to gettting maybe 4-9 different responses from Aus hunt............................................
all your typicals from Bushnell onwards-
i think Bear Grylls bought out a pair of Binos which may be similiar to a bushnell trophy range if not a bushnell trophy range,   then you start gettin into other brands like leupold , vortex leica and swarovski......     but thats budget to premium.

i personally use a 10x42 Wedgetail 'Raptor' Binocular which iirc around 400 mark a while ago when the maroopa 40 was distributing them,  i had some issues and had no cuatomer support from the australian branded brand.
regardless-  many shapes an weights of Binos, YMMV................  best to get a hold of a set an check through them.


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I've had some vortex diamondbacks 8x42 for a couple years now and think they are a bit hazy now over time, they were great in the beginning but maybe now I have a couple of quality  gold ring scopes in the mix I can notice the difference.

Depending on the distance she would be using them would vary a bit on what magnification you would go, the first number is the magnification and the second is the objective(large end) size in mm just some info if you didn't already know, as the magnification goes higher any slight hand movement seems worse as in shaky, hence why a lot of people use tripod mounted optics when glassing with 15 power.

Cheers Reece

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3 hours ago, Shawnb said:

I reckon, seems I might have underestimated the benefits of good binoculars

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Almost More important than the Rifle IMO..certainly more important than a Scope and a Knife...  

8x  for bush hunters

10x for cross country


And 12-15x  for big country.


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2080926098_swarothree.jpg.1d331d7941455483e0a8b22d3d1e92fe.jpgMy stable of three all get used at various times.

15x56 long way stuff with tripod adapter although I have a harness on them and walk them about at times.Geezuz they are unreal looking at shit far off.

I might cart them up your way Hilly and you will fall in love with them ha ha.

10 x 42 EL R/Finder my daily carry

10 x 42 SLC  my visitors binos now.

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1 hour ago, Gibbo 30.06 said:

Brought a pair about 4 months ago, they are ? amazing to use. 

looked at the swaros and leicas....10x42's

happy with the leics, wondered how I did with out them for so long.



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