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Coupla blades Ive slapped together.


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Started making me own gear back in 2001 after a top shelf $300 knife let me down and led to me having to spend a miserable night out bush in the elements - freezing cold, wet, cold, covered in stags blood in the dark with dingoes hanging around, wet, cold, miles from me vehicle, did I mention I was wet and cold? Most of the meat was lost in the process too.

Only way I could be sure was to learn how and make the bloody things myself. Been at it for a while now, they have been put through their paces over the years, I even rocked up at a pay to hunt property recently for a yarn and surprised to see two guides at the camp caping red stags with my gear. Couple that I've slapped together.




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5 hours ago, Canguro said:

Good stuff! Are you smithing your own blades too?

Yeah mate, some have and some haven't.

Average process for me, is to buy in annealed carbon steel billet, cut the basic shape out, then grind the blade profile, drill out the handle, tidy it up, into the forge to harden, into the furnace oven to temper, clean it up again then start thinking about the handle, sheath etc.

I love it, I get to work with all different metals, timber, antler and leather, just found it something I could never get bored with. Plus you don't really need all the expensive gear to make a decent blade, although it comes together a bit quicker but then again it's not about speed.

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2 hours ago, Onthemark said:

Gorgeous work mate. Do you make knives full time? How bout the leather work, yours as well? Very impressive.

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 I give the full-time knife making a red hot go for 2 years, first year I aced it but the second year saw a flood of those overnight Facebook bladesmiths, I was going to send me little family bankrupt so had to pull the pin on it. Even so, it was probs the best years of my life, I got to go to all the outdoor and gun shows all over Aus, talk knives and hunting all day long, good times.

48 minutes ago, Duncs said:

They look fantastic!  Really like the look of the sheaths too with the different holding/locking mechanisms ?

Thanks mate, After using all the heat and heavy gear to make the blade, the leatherwork is like a holiday.

37 minutes ago, Pooslice said:

Awesome!! Do you have a website?

Thanks mate, yeah nah not anymore, it's just a hobby now. Cheers

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Rhino, as everyone else has said, impressive work!

Can you recommend a source(s) of information for someone starting out? Particularly the metallurgy side of things, I was going to have a crack at this a few years back but never got around to it. Probably won't either haha, cheers

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