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Spotting Scope

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There are spotting scopes and there are spotting scopes. I have had the good fortune to be looking through this the last few days and all I can say is wow but at $6500+ it’s out of my league. 65x zoom and as clear as. I was watching a couple on the beach fishing over 2klm away and could see him putting line through the guides on his fishing rod, absolute amazing clarity. 



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Glenn, I was in the same boat. Swaro is exceptional but we found carting it around in NZ was hard work Great from camp, to spot tahr then decide on how to get there.

Ive gone with a vortex razor 16-48x65, optics are good Compared them too the Zeiss gavia and swaro 85mm . Significant weight reduction. Optics wise still good glass. Huge difference in price!

Swaro did a magnesium model that hunters like but have discontinued...............

When coved is over might get to use it in NZ.


Watto on the swaro's


above camp 850m away


pulled up


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8 hours ago, 17dave said:

Agreed. Wow. 

By the way,  how did you come to be looking  thru a 6.5K spotting scope.

The good woman and I are down at a mates place (One of his Holliday homes around the country) here in Mallacoota for a few days and a scope like this is just pocket money spent on another toy. To say he is well off is a massive understatement.


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I got a lower budget big mag spotter that punches above it's weight.

A Vanguard for about $400 or so when they brought out a new model and put the original ones on sale.

Not sure how far, but I recon you could check out animals at a fair range.

Who can justify the price of a top end spotting scope, I hardly ever use mine.

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