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Sea to summit sleeping mat review

Gibbo 30.06

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So a few weeks back I brought the Sea to summit Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated Sleeping Mat. I took it out over the long weekend on a hunt out past Oberon in NSW and it was a really cold weekend. This mat was unbelievable how good it is, it was really warm to sleep on and not having an insulated mat before I was pretty sceptical about a mat actually being warm. It was comfortable for a sleeping mat a lot better than my old thermarest foam thing. This mat was originally brought for the chopper drop in trip I had planned this year in Victoria because there was a good chance of snow and I’m sure it would have been great for them conditions. If you weren’t planning on using the mat in the snow and even me now I would have brought the model under this the Ether Light XT Insulated Sleeping Mat not the extreme just because it packs down to about half the size of my mat and it is still insulated just obviously not as much. My mate brought that mat and was fine in Oberon with it. Anyway just a bit of info incase others are in the market for a new sleeping mat. I also brought the blow up pillow to go with the mat which worked better than a folded up jumper like I’d normal use on a pack hunt, since you wouldn’t normally carry a full size pillow.


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