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G'day from - NSW

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.

AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.

Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.

Happy Hunting,

AusHunt Admin.

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am from n z .use to hunt in nz before moving to oz.looking to get started here.have started by getting a pup now in the process of joining a club.i just want to use dogs as that was how i hunted in n z .i have five ancle biters and have lived in campbellton for thirteen years.have three nz ancle biters and two born in oz.use to have gun license in n z but do not wish to get one here.i really enjoy the imformation that the members provide and hope to see afew of yous in the future ps happy hunting

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Hi all,

new rules but what the hell anything to keep the system clear

I live in South West Sydney and enjoy hunting, 4X4 driving and the occasional fishisg trip when I can combine all of them I'm happy as.

Been doin most of my hunting of late in the NSW State Forests thanks to the Game Council and ther R-licence program.

I think Austhunt is one of the best hunting forums going around always lots of info on just about anything related to hunting.

Talk to you all later



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Hey Guys,

I'm from the North of Sydney, I enjoy mountain biking (do a little bit of racing) fishing (do abit of trout fishing too), and spend alot of my other time free time with the Army reserves. (going fulltime for most of this year)

I've also been doing alot of hunting with my R licence, I love getting out and exploring and finding game in places not too many other people go.

My parents have a place at Orange so i'm often out that way too.

I'm hoping to start reloading ammunition soon, and hoping to get some more rifles because I only have a ruger .243 atm.



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hi guys

i hail from the Sutherland Shire

i really enjoy doin my bit for the environment by removing ferals - do most of my hunting out Orange way on a mates property

Happy Hunting


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g'day to all members

i hunt pigs with dogs have done since i was 15,generally hunt the mountains around bathurst used to hunt out west alot when younger but kids and mortgage

slowed that up :lol:

live in the penrith area of sydney hope to move to qld in the next few years


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Hi all,

Live on the mid north coast and do most of my hunting on private properties. I have an R-licence but the state forests around this area aren't producing much but that is probably because I'm not putting in enough hard yards.


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howdy all,

i live just outside wollongong, i hunt pigs with dogs and guns (rarely at the same time) i bow hunt the local deer population down here and shoot small game just to pass the time.

just got my R licence and look forward to hitting some of the public land offered by this fantstic game council scheme.

see yas out there


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Born in the Manning area neasr Wingham .. farm boy .. off to Teachers College .. some mil exp as well .. NSW and Qld .. public and private schools ... travelled in recent years to NZ, South Korea and Russia (a number of times) ... esp the wonderful Far East around Vladivostok .. what an untapped paradise .. been back ... and will be going back much more ... maybe working (again) ... but hunting with my uncle in law up in Northern Primorsky .. "The Golden Valley"

I am a teacher in Coffs and enjoy training new shooters (I run a School rifle team etc) , particularly in the Field and Service areas. My club (Coffs Hbr RC) are mostly Field and Rimfire Class .. basically a service type/style competition using 'scoped hunting riifles.

I am about to become involved in hunting once again after a few years in absentia. However I now find that I am a "dad again" ... a 14 yo step son and perm care of a 9 yo grandson .. both keen shooters etc... If anybody has a great little spot within a few hours of Coffs where my boys could bag their first bunny, i would love to hear from you. My hunting properties are all west and south of Wagga .. not very convenient for the above purpose. (i spent 10 fab yrs teaching in Wagga Wagga)

My fav firearms are my Sakos .. one is a 75 in 223 and the other a L461 soon to become a 6 X 45.

My latest acquisition is a CZ Varmint .22LR .. like my Brnos, it is fabulous. My Brno Mod 2 is about 35 years old and has trained many kids ... still shoots wonderfully after about a zillion rds.

My New Yrs resolutions also included bagging a deer this year .. I am married to this wonderful lady who can do wonderful things with venison (no .. not really a trophy hunter). I also want to move into F Class this year .. funds permitting. A starting point may be my 308 T3 Varmint.

'Nuff for now.



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G'day all,

I hail from the Hunter Valley, originally from Wodonga. I used to do a bit of Sambar hunting down south and still try and get down there when i can, now i'm just waiting for the deer season to start to get out into the State Forests with my R-licence and 30-06!

If there's anyone in the Newcastle area that wants to get out for a hunt, give us a yell.



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Live in Sydney grew up in Wyoming USA. Sakoboy, I have also just bought a .22 CZ Varmint with a set trigger and enjoy owning my Finnbear 30-06 that I reload ammunition for. 30 years old and it cost me $180 USD, new. I intend to use the CZ for 5 posi field rifle for entertainment.

Have just bought a 4-16 X Sightron AO with a mil dot and have mounted it on a 22-250 but have not used it yet but I am looking forward to becoming familiar with it.

I am actively involved in represent hunting clubs and have been getting considerable experience writing letters to editors and verbally jousting with the antis on various websites etc. While some my disagree, I believe it does have a cumulative affect that benefits us.

Good to see R licences mentioned, I have been to Nundle once, we shot three deer but I missed my opportunity.

Generally, hunt goats and pigs around Mudgee.

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