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G'day from - NSW

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Hi Guys, we're from Hunting Haven in Uralla, Northern NSW. We supply a large range of hunting and shooting gear, both in store and online. We also import Boyds stocks from the US for distribution in Australia. Looking forward to getting to know you! Cheers, John & Jocelyn


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G'day all,

From south-west Sydney, fairly close to the SISC and St Mary's, so it's nice to have two great ranges so close. I just got my firearms licence a week or so beforehand, and I'm just white-knuckling through the ~6-week PTA for my 12-gauge Miroku sporter.

Thinking of also picking up a Sako 85 .308 while I dip my toe into hunting. Looking forward to all the shared wisdom on this forum!

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Gday Im Jason from Newcastle. Grew up in Victoria hunting rabbits, ducks and quail with my family. Gave it away when i moved to NSW. But ive been back hunting again for 4 yrs. Im a bowhunter and so far have taken goats foxes and rabbits. Still havent ticked off a deer or pig but hopefully that will change soon. I figured any extra knowledge i can gain would be good so here i am.


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