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G'day from - NSW

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Spent a lot of my youth on friends farms during school holidays (in Vic) where I learnt to shoot. I got my first rifle when I was about 15 (a .22) and a 22-250 when I was 16 or 17 (this was pre Port Arthur when kids were allowed to own them).

I hunted mostly rabbits and occasionally pigs with the 22-250 which I reloaded.

Then came kids, Port Arthur, hysteria about owning firearms etc etc and I stopped shooting until about a year ago. I now regularly shoot at Silverdale (great for load development), Hornsby and Anzac (my local) with the SSAA. I volunteer as a Range Officer at Hornsby and Anzac. Apart from a .22 I have a varmint barrel 223 and sporter 7/08. 

Shooting paper is fun but I would like to hunt occasionally for the table. 

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Hi all,

Simon from Tamworth here. 

Been shooting for about 20 years. 

Currently owner of

- Gamo hunter 1250

- Sako Finnfire II 22lr

- CZ 452 22mag

- Howa mini action 223

- Tikka T3 Varmint 22-250

- Remington 700 22-250

- Boito 12 gauge

- H&R 410

currently looking at a new 308 Howa or T3x


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G'day Ladies and Gents,


Newbie to AusHunt and the forum, I'm from North East Vic hunt mainly Sambar and also some fox whistling, trout and cod fishing during the summer. 

Grew up as a young fella hunting and dirt biking, Have hunted deer for the last 10 years in Australia and have also made a trip to NZ South Island to sample their Hunting Culture and do some Backpack Hunting.  

I'm here to hopefully learn some new things and add some input, share photos and successful hunts or general adventures! Feel free to PM for a chat if you are interested in a Yarn ???  






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Hello guys,

I am from Sydney, Sutherland Shire, novice to hunting, but more than a few years in shooting.

I would like to go hunting, tried hunting club in Sydney, but they are more into hunting in Victoria.

Not sure how this Forum works, but hoping to get some good advice or maybe any chance to meet some hunters.

Having R licence ready for State Forests. My friend who infected me with this amazing sport moved to Europe unfortunately, but I have learned from him a lot

(reloading 223 caliber, now I am ready for 30-30 for my Winchester - short lever action).

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G'day fellas.

A little about me.
Late 30, grew up visiting uncles farms hunting rabbit and pigs.

Lost touch of it all, and now that I have a family, and I look at how kids are towards there food.

I would like start hunting rabbit again, and teach my kids the basics of where food comes from. Hunt what you eat, and learn how to appreciate everything you have, as it all doesn't come in a box, or wrapped from woollies.

Plus, I make the best rabbit stew.

Any now, have started small with a cz. 22. And wow, am I rusty.


Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

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Hi Guys,

This will be my 3rd season hunting in NSW, we mainly target fallow deer for meat and hides but also pigs, rabbits and foxes. Hoping to get down to Victoria this year to look for Samba. My mates had a very successful hunt there last season so will be good to get in the cold and try something new. Looking forward to learning plenty of new tips and tricks from you guys.

all the best,


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