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G'day from - NSW

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Living in Newcastle and new to firearms and hunting. Hoping to find plenty of advice and maybe someone to go out hunting with. 
Hi mate, On Central Coast, send us message when ya want. Also looking for fellow hunters.

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I've just started down the path of looking into hunting. I've spent much of my life on the end of a fishing rod, but the lure of harvesting meat from the land has finally gotten me off my ass and i'm currently in the process of getting firearms licence. 

Based on the north coast of nsw i'm looking forward to getting geared up, heading west and spending some time in the bush beyond the divide.

Thanks for having me here! Look forward soaking up some of the good oil from forumites.



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G'day everyone. I hail from the Shire in Southern Sydney and have recently gotten my R-Licence and gone for my first hunt out at Hampton. We saw some bunnies but our skill at mushroom picking was much better refined so we had a vegan dinner of Saffron Milk Cap mushrooms on that Saturday. It dawned on me that I needed to make more friends who are hunters so that I can learn how to ethically source my own meat.

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Born in NSW, spend most of my time in NZ where I do most of my hunting in the central north. Keen duck and deer hunter. Stalking over long range, lever action fan, wood blue rifles in classics calibers. Hoping to return home soon and want to support Australian hunting community and learn more from those who have on the ground experience with game, terrain and local regs and politics.

Thanks for the addition. 

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