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G'day from - NSW

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Hello everyone,

My name is joseph and recently moved to Newcastle, Australia! I’m an avid outdoorsman! In America I chased whitetail deer with my bow as my primary game. I also did a lot of feral hog hunting and some elk hunting. Looking to tag up and meet some new friends and also hunting friends! I brought a lot of my hunting gear here to get right into scouting and such!

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Hi all. I decided to get into hunting for amazing meat for me and my family with no previous exposure to hunting or firearms at this ripe age of 37. I've gotten myself a nice rifle and R license and have since spent many days taking my rifle for a walk in NSW state forests with 0 success so far.

I'm hoping to learn and meet like minded people through Aushunt and of course fill the 200ltr freezer i have sitting downstairs with some juicy venison.

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Occasional looker but thought I would join. Getting back into shooting and hunting as now retired. Gun collection ranges from weihrauch .177 to 404 Jeffery. Just got R license.


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