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G'day from - NSW

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Hey Everyone....

Call the Shire home, but tend to run amok on my brothers farm an hour outside of Canberra. Looking forward to warmer weather so i can get out amongst it a bit more often. Looking forward to everything this site has to offer.

Talk soon


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Hi there

I am a producer with 60 Minutes and am researching a story on how women are now taking on men in every aspect of their lives - be in that is once male dominated sports/jobs and pasttimes.

We would love to feature a really strong, and great talking, female hunter on our show - would make for some fantastic pictures.

I would like to point out this is not a story on hunting and there will be no debate on the pros and cons - as I know many of you out there are wary of the media's take on hunting.

Anyhow if anyone is keen to find out more pls contact me on any of the below numbers/email. Incidentally we would love to start filming this story asap.

Julia Timms

Associate Producer

60 Minutes

Direct line - 61 2 9965 4611

Mobile - 0416 214733



Postal Address: PO Box 27 Willoughby NSW 2068 Australia

Street Address: 24 Artarmon Road Willoughby NSW 2068 Australia

T 61 2 9906 9999 M 0400 700 000 F 61 2 9906 8888

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Hi everyone, just joined the forum would like to meet and talk to hunters about there hunting styles and techinques.I come from orange, i like to chase a few pigs when i can with my dogs and shoot a few bunnies when ever i get a chance.cheers.

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Hi all

I live in Western Sydney, enjoy getting away and going camping with my mate. I started shooting a few years ago and enjoy going to the range, and getting away to my mates farm at Mudgee and doing some vermin control. Target species rabbits, foxes, goats and the odd pig.

take it easy!

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