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G'day all ,

l live in Sydney's south west and have been back into hunting in last couple of years. Mainly hunting southern highlands of NSW for Rabbits and hare and a few deer trips to snowy mountains of NSW especially since aquired R licence to hunt in state forests. Main reason was to get back in the outdoors as grew up on a small farm of the outskirts of Sydney and have missed the lifestyle and the taste of some game meat. Looking to find the odd property near Sydney to go for weekend or day trips. This website looks the goods so hopefully will make some friends along the way.



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G'day everyone,   Name is Tarn, just made the move to off-grid living on the mid-north coast of NSW. Got a 400 acre mountain property we just built a shed on and are working towards making a

Hi all live in bomaderry on the south coast of nsw,  had my minors permit 30 years ago but let it lapse,  I have been shooting again for about the last 18 months,  i mainly shoot  clay targe

Howdy, Tailfeathers here. From the USA, the Commonwealth (state) of Virginia to be exact,  just south of Washington DC , on the East Coast. I hunt mostly waterfowl, Canada Geese are my favorite.

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G'day all

Not a new member but I think I'm late paying my membership and have been locked out of everywhere on the forum but here,, (don't think I miss behaved lol)

I'll see if this works hopefully it will let me access the forum shop pay my membership and I'll be back to normal.

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G'Day Everyone,

My Name is Michael, and I'm from Taree, NSW. I'm a 29year old Bow Hunter. I grew up on a farm hunting with rifles but have only shot my bow since finishing high school.

I am looking for private properties with feral problems to hunt on around the Mid-North-Coast Region, and dont mind helping out around the farm with some work to for the priveledge to quitly stock my freezer with some ferals.

I am responsible, friendly, respectful, and most importantly, i am liscenced and insured. I dont use dogs or guns, just my Bow, and i generally hunt alone.

I would appreciate anyone's help...



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G'Day all,

I live in Castle Hill, Sydney. Ive been hunting for a few years now and am looking for every opportunity to get out there for a hunt. Have just obtained my R License and look forward hunting the State Forests which i have not previously experienced.

I intend to chase all species of deer as well as knocking off as many pigs as i can.

Open to hunting with other like minded people.

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Hi all, I'm Melissa, originally from NZ, married an Aussie and have four little Aussies running around. Have A,B,H class license and going through getting my R game license.

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Hi all. New to here and glad to see there are so many other like minded people out there.... Im from Newcastle area and always looking for new places to hunt. In the process of obtaining my R-licence also....



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New here to hunting. Hope to learn much from you all.

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