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Howdy all, I'm known as Moses or Mossy to my friends. Moved to Yandina, Qld three years ago, have wife and six kids, 2 dogs, plus my wifes scraggy mutt, and a number of cats.

Hunt mostly with firearms but got into dogging one year ago.

I work in the building industry as well as work with my wife in her Beauty Salons.

Just an ordinary guy with an interest in the outdoors.

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moses that would have to be the first time i have ever heard of a guy working in a beauty salon, just trying to picture it a big suntaned builder in a salon, welcome

I am not all that big a bloke, and am not allowed on the tools in the salon :angry:I did offer to do all the waxing for local female sportingclubs, still in the dog house for that. I just fit out the premises and answer the phones etc.

I can offer advice on skin care if you need it though. B)B)

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hey im kay and been shooting since i was about 10 yrs old now twenty turning twenty one soon. used to work at a meat works so im ready for anything that comes my way. i live in the stanthorpe area nad would love a place to go hunting where there heaps of animals to either shot or hunt for. any hints are welcomed. ta kay :D:P

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Hello all I'm Bill from Inglewood I am currently Secretary Of SSAA Inglewood Branch.

We are currently developing a multi function sports and shooting complex 27kms west of Inglewood.

Have shot kangeroos,rabits,pigs in the past.

Currently own 12 ga,303 British,CMC Mountaineer 22-250,Lithgow 22LR.

In process of obtaining Pistol Licence (.357 Magnum).

Cheers for now

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:D hi every body,

My name damian and i am very intersted in getting into some bowhunting. living in kalbar presently. about 30 mins south west of ipswich. about hour from warick and about hour and half from toowoomba.

never benn hunting before but over the last few years I have been into archery, now have a high powered and fast hoyt hunting compound bow.

I have been checking out the hunting sights and talked to heaps of people. although I have never been hunting, I have learnt a lot about it and am keen to get out there. My shots are both accurate and consistant.

My bow is all set up and ready to go. i shoot arrows every day and would love some help on finding some properties that I may be able to contact to gain access to.

If any one could help me out, that would be great. Maybe some of you could do with a hunting partner?

good luck to all you fellow hunters. With the little bit of rain that we have been getting recently and as the weather cools down. It should be a good time to hunt.

I hope? :(

hope to here from some of you soon.

Damian -D->

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Hello to everyone,

My name is Shawn and I'm from Bundaberg. I am new to the site and also have the bowhunting bug. I target shoot as often as possible, but am anxious to do some hunting.At present, I have no properties on which I can hunt and do not know anyone who has, but I hope that will change. I have never hunted before but have a basic understanding of what is involved. If anyone can help me gain access to properties that would be great. I hope to get a reply from someone soon. Keep your broadheads sharp. -D-> :rolleyes:

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