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G'day from - QLD

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good day from Canada' . I am a 73 yr old active male hunter. I have shot lots of big game in my day. Now I concentrait my time and money on equipment for shooting coyotes in the winter time and prairie dogs in the summer. I also still find the time and energy to take my 2012 Honda Goldwing for a run. I use my Toyota tundra pickup to get around for the coyote,s and my rzr800 for the prairie dogs(p-d,s). I am at the time where the 20 cal,s rule my gun safe. 2 cz 527,s in 204, one 20br built on a tika and laminated stock with 2.5 - 10 nks, a 20SCC on a 700SAwith a lupy 6.5-20vx3 and laminated thumb hole stock, a modified 20PPc on another 700SA with a lupy mark 4 16x. My long range play rifle is a 260 built on a 700LA with a S111 15-60x scope and siting in a lam stock. My older do it all 22-250 seems to sit all to often in the safe. I also have a 18 foot fishing boat that helps mw get thru the summer.  So good day and have a fun 2018.        Dean

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Have 2 sons who are keen to try hunting, thought I might start them off on rabbits with their 22's.  I have taken them through all the safety courses and minor licencing processes and keep them practicing on the range.   Next steps are a bit of bushcraft.  Hoping there are a few other parents on this forum that can share experience.

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G'day from Brisbane[emoji38], I have been hunting via Bow many times, wish to learn from you all and offer some of my own advice, always looking for a place to hunt Pig,Goat,Deer,Buffalo,Clean Rabbit and so forth (Providing I have the time), Happy hunting to all and have a great day

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I live in Vancouver Canada

I have hunted in...

Yukon, Colorado, British Columbia, South Africa 3x.

I am planing on hunting in Australia in the near future.

I have Rifles in the following calibers 

.17 HMR,.22lr,.17 Fireball,.22 Hornet,.223,.22-250,.204Ruger.243 Win.,7mm-08,.257 Weatherby,.350 Rem Mag,.375 H&H,.416 Rem Mag,.30-30,.303 Brit, 

thanks for letting me join.

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.
AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.
Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.
Happy Hunting,
AusHunt Admin.
G'day guys

I hunt a fair bit around qld
I use 270win,223,30-30 and obviously a .22lr
Starting to getting into reloading for my 270 to hopefully get a better bullet at a lower price. Once I get the 270 sorted I plan on reloading my 223 aswell
Looking forward to sharing my reloading experience and anything else I can here.

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