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G'day from - QLD

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Hi all

I'm from SE QLD and love to get out into the bush and make a mess of some pigs with a large rifle or shotty and generally have a good time with friends away from the unwashed masses.

a bit of 4wd action,beer,bullshit, and chasing yabbies.....you lot know the drill.

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I'm from British Columbia, Canada but I have been living on the Gold Coast for a year. 

I am lucky to have born into a hunting family, so it has been a part of my life since the start. I have been hunting (and fishing) all over B.C for 31 years . 

I enjoy the bow-only seasons but I also rifle hunt every year. I mainly hunt mule deer, white tail deer, elk, and moose.

I have not been hunting since living in Aus but I hope to see some cool pictures and read some stories because it is killing me not getting to be out hunting! Cheers

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1 hour ago, MiddleAgedMeatBag said:


MeatBag from Brisbane here. Late 30's, wife and kids. Into sustainable living, currently investigating hunting as part of that lifestyle.

Came to the forum mainly to read up on Bow Hunting. Looking to get into it for meat and skins. Still just dipping the toe and surveying the landscape. 


Great First Post- Something that doesnt happen too Often, a Bit like myself posting in the Newbies threads!
However, with that Attitude , I really hope you find what You are looking for an that Aushunt can be the part of the puzzle you may be missing!
Hope some Bow hunters can help you out.

All the Best.

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Hey everyone, I'm from the Gold Coast & 23 years old.

Recreational shooter, part of the Gold Coast Pistol Club. Also apart of the GHAA club.

Just starting to get into hunting, and have my R Accreditation course booked in for next weekend. Interested in shooting out west of Toowoomba, QLD, and traveling down south to hunt in NSW State Forests. Currently own a few rifles & a compound bow, hoping to take them out within the next few weeks.

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G'day guys,

I'm Jesse, I live and work in Toowoomba. I got into shooting a few years back and got my first centrefire rifle last year (tikka t3x superlite in .270).

After watching a few youtube channels I plan on doing a bit of hunting in NSW state forests.

Keen to learn some more and maybe meet a few people who are also keen in my area.



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Hello everybody, I live in Queensland.  I am Australian now and love the hunting here.  I was born in Egypt and my culture loves hunting also, please let me being from another culture put you off.  I look forward to reading your experiences adn maybe sharing as well!

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Hi all,

Will be moving to Melbourne in the next months. I am South African and have been hunting and fishing since I could walk. I am hoping to be able ot continue this in some way or form also in Australia. Planning to bring 2shotguns (clay and wingshooting) and .270 (pigs, deer, kangaroo in Aus?) if it makes sense. Other guns will be stored.


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