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G'day from - QLD

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.
AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.
Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.
Happy Hunting,
AusHunt Admin.
Hi I'm Connection.

In Brisbane, first experienced guns at age 4.

Then got back in a whiles back.

Got some of regular calibres and guages.

Have a health issue so can't really go out temporarily to a whiles away.

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Hi all, 

Newbie here... So basically need all the help I can get.

I'm here to learn how to harvest my own meat ethnically and to be able to provide for my family.

I believe hunting for myself is the best way I can show ZERO support for the factory farming industry. 




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Gday guys and girls, 

Currently playing the waiting game for my licence to arrive after many years of procrastination.

Grew up on property back in SA and will head south to help out my brother with ferals at every opportunity. Sadly now I’m living the urban life so will spend most of my time punching paper until I manage to track down a property in SEQ. 

Have a Steyr Pro hunter .243 awaiting my licence arrival as well as a .22



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G'day All

From Brisbane however have mostly hunted in Tas with others firearms.

Recently purchased a 223 and 270 with the aim to hunt ferals in northern NSW and QLD. No doubt that may also include some culling to gain access to properties.

Looking forward to reading the forum.

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Hi all

Gold coaster here, but have a family farm out western QLD,  been shooting on it since I was 10yo, mainly hunt pigs, but also enjoy eating wild goats, rabbits n shooting hares & foxes.  Hopefully might learn some stuff on here ?

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