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G'day from - QLD

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Good day. 

Ex South African looking for decent hunting advice on local South Australian hunting properties. Been very keen to get into hunting down under in the great straya but its been a daunting task. 


Looking for some great advice to get my hunting game back into action.

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G'day all

My name is Matt, new to hunting.

Have young family. Lost work to drought. Land manager of 150 000acers in SW QLD. Have a few goats getting around and was curious about trophy hunters. Been told the old big Billy's are getting harder to come by. Interested contact me 0458566622

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Hey everyone,

Name: Jb

Location: Gold Coast

New to shooting, currently have a .22 magnum and a howa .308. Also have a howa .223  in the shop waiting for my pta to come in. 

Looking to start hunting some feral pests and then hopefully onto some deer 




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