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G'day from - NT

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How's it goin?

Dan here from Katherine, new to the forum.

yeah love my hunting, good fun. don't have dogs cos i only got into pig hunting last year and can't look after 'em while i'm studying at uni away from the old stomping grounds but i still get my far share of pigs just 4wd'ing along with a rifle.

well, good to be here hope i can get some good tips of people here.

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I live in the worlds best hunting and fishing area. Arnhemland :D

I fish near every day. Hunt with a bow (all high end gear,mate!!) and am in the process of getting my gun license again.

First time on this forum, that I can remember.


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Gday from Groote Eylandt

Ok, not much on the hunting front here, but have just moved from New Zealand where I used to do a bit of hunting. Looking forward to learning the rules and getting out there.

I use a Rem 700 Tactical .223 and a Winchester 1894 30-30.


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I'm 28 and from England, having recently travelled from NZ. Only done spotlighting for possums and rabbits in NZ, but I'm a good shot.

Would like to share costs and experience of a hunt if anyone around Darwin or NT would like to take out a rookie.

I'm trying to sail from Darwin to Bali so i'll be up that way in about 3-4 weeks.

Many thanks


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Gidday All! Also from Humpty Doo. Hunt off my Can-Am Quad with dogs occasionally. Use .270 and/or Marlin 30/30.

Cheers Ntmick


Darwin local, been goose hunting for a few years now and looking at getting into pigs.

Bought a Can-Am myself and been having a ball in the bush

cheers Emil

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Hey All Craig here im in Katherine been here for 6 months now and finly getting the head stress of gun transferr and licence about done . Love the site was a member a few years ago (Butch) but with work and wat not lost my old acc any ways .Lookin for Hunters Around Katherine willing to help show me around

Cheers Craig

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gday guys just moved to alice springs. im from vic way. Shoot roo's, foxes, rabbits, deer and well pretty much anything that needs to be shoot. Just woundering if any1 heard about the camel and donkey culling i heard there looking for a tender but carnt find any info. and how i got about changing my vic shooter licence to nt happy shooting all

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Hello Everyone,

I come from overseas and currently live in Alice Springs (about 2 years now). Found the site while looking for a guide/outfitter. It looks like a great group of folks on the forums.

Most of my hunting experience has just been Easter White Tail in the SE United States. I hope to hunt Buff at least once while here though and maybe other species as well.

Take it easy - thanks for letting me join.


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Yeah, GDay Neil here

Im only 24 but i got my licence when i was 18.

I shoot Foxes around Gippsland 3-4 nights a week, and Hound hunt every second weekend, i have just taken up another hobby making knifes when i work out how, i will post a pix of it. dose antone else make knies as i would like to see theres and also get a few tips.

cheers Neil

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