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G'day from - WA

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Gday Folks, Im in Mandurah and looking to get into some bow hunting to clean out some ferals and to butcher some pigs or deer for meat. Im going to be looking to source a secondhand bow in the near future if anyone has one gathering dust that might suit a beginner. Cheers.

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Greeetings and Salutations,

Thank you for the opportunity to say hello.

I've been an avid shooting enthusiast most of my life.

Enjoy target shooting mostly now-a-days and reloading to keep the costs down and my score up ?

Hope to bump into a few of you in the forum.





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Hey guys 

Mainly a rabbit shooter from Perth but I do all my shooting around donnybrook. Wondering if anyone needs help either shooting rabbits around Perth or if I can come along and collect them as I only wild game these days and the ol Rona has kinda screwed me.



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Hi guys,

I’m born and raised in a Pilbara town called Port Hedland. Used to go out hunting a fair bit but have made the move to Perth a few years ago. Want to get back into it and in the process of having my own firearms. Eventually I’d like to have my own collection with different calibers. Hoping to get to know a few shooters out there along the way.


cheers ??

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