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G'Day fellow hunters/shooters...

Sporting shooter and recreational hunter since the age of 12 (currently 32yrs old) who has relocated to this beautiful state of WA from over East, hoping to connect and share insight with like minded firearm enthusiasts and land owners alike.

Currently operating with a Lithgow LA102 .223 and Ruger Precision Rimfire 22lr.

Would love to get in touch with land owners or hunters with access to properties who may be in need of landscaping/environmental works or professional guidance in exchange for a place to enjoy my second passion in shooting/hunting.

I am a huge believer in giving back to the community/paying my way so anything I can do promote the sport/industry in a positive way and help out fellow Aussie mates & landowners in the meantime, I'm always willing.



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Been here 12 years from the uk.

Am now a citizen and have got my license and am controlling pests on my Dad's acreage in Bedfordale.


I use a Diana P1000 pcp.

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Hey guys,

I'm from Perth, I've done mostly deer and hare hunting in NZ. Wanted to do more hunting here in WA. Just want to try get a few connections and mates to go hunting with. Young fella here so still don't have my license but getting it next year. I'm interesting pig hunting and don't mind fox and rabbit hunting either.

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