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G'day from - ACT

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I have recently moved from Goulburn NSW to the ACT.

I have been shooting for as long as I remember.

I mostly hunt rabbits and foxes on my friends farms back home,

but also head out west (Hungerford NW of Bourke) at least once a year hog busting.

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Hi All,

I'm from Canberra, love hunting and shooting amongst other outdoor adventure and travel.

Recently back from a trip to the USA, I was privelaged enough to shoot at the infamous "Gun Store" - Uzi, M16, Desert Eagle, Remington Pump Combat Shotgun. Story will be up shortly.

I own a .308 Omark 44, 6.5x55 M38 Husqvarna and a .22 Mag Anschutz.

Game - I hunt feral / pest species in the main and have done some roo clearing and rabbit clearing for farmers in the past. If any of you guys on the land want a hand, I'm always up for it.

Anyway, that was my G'Day.



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