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G'day from - ACT

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G'Day fellas, I'm sort of new to this forum bussiness. I live in Canberra, I've enjoyed hunting for as long as I can remember (hunting with my Dad etc), I have my R licence and my two trusty .303 no.4's and a new toy, a Remington .308 sps varmint (very nice firearm).

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Hi, Deefa here,

I have been shooting and hunting for well over 35 years. I have done quite a bit of target shooting both big bore and small bore as well as a lot of hunting over the years. Now days my preference is hunting as I really love the outdoors and there is no better excuse to be in the outdoors than hunting. Over the years I have hunted deer, goats, buffalo and pigs as well as most other small ferals. My preference remains deer given the challenges they present.

I want to use this site to simply keep in touch with what is going on in the shooting and hunting world. The site is a great initiative. Thanks.


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gday all, names geoff

been hunting & shooting for a couple of years, also into dogging pigs and fishing, have got a couple of guns, 22, 22 mag, 243, 303, and just got a t3 stainless camo 7mm rem mag to hunt deer with. am hoping to meet other people with game licence to hunt state forests with.

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HI, I'm Justin,

I have a few interested, Mainly my track toy and my 4Runner, I'm just about to Put the cash down for Tikka T3 .308

I have a 303/25 Enfield. I head up jindy way to hunt on a few mates property

See you all round.


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Hi Im Scott

Friends with Justin above. Forum looks good, look forward to exploring it a bit further. Im also getting one of the Tikka T3 .308s, awesome feeling riffle.

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