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G'day from - ACT

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Hi my name is Doctor Claw,

My hideout is my rural property in the mountains just outside the ACT. I fly into Canberra every day to do battle with inspector gadget, sometimes if I can't find him I'll do some plumbing. BUT! Oneday I will get him and he will pay.

Im also a bowhunter/riflehunter and mainly hunt fallow,pigs and foxes. I do most of my rifle hunting from my verandah.

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.

AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.

Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.

Happy Hunting,

AusHunt Admin.

hi i live in the act and ihunt quail with pointers,deer and hares

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Hi my name's James.

I've been trying out pistol shooting, but the severe restrictions (can't just go to the range and practice, only every two weeks when there's a club shoot, etc) and costs are giving me second thoughts.

I've shot rabbits before with friends and am going to submit my licence application shortly. I'll pick up a .22lr to start with, practice and the range and keep an eye out for opportunities to shoot on land around the ACT. I don't know anyone off the top of my head who'd have a property that I could access, so that may take a while.

Eventually I'll look to get a .223 and perhaps an old .303 lee enfield for the range.



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