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G'day from - SA

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hi all

im currently living in adelaide, i will have my licence in about 3 weeks time, ive joined the forum to try and learn as much as i can, i have used rifles my whole life but im learning there's a whole lot more to it owning, and maintaining your own... ive already orded a cz452 .22lr, and i think i will also get a 12 gauge and a .22 air rifle straight up, then i will decide what else i need from there...

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gidday all! Daniel here, 25years old from salisbury in the northern subs. Only got into shooting/hunting about a year ago when some mates asked if we could go down to my uncles farm in the south east. Best time ever! Then headed to a mates' cousins farm in tinty and went for foxes, rabbits and feral cats. Had a ball once again, so the app form has been sent in, plenty of rigmoral! Thinkin to start with a small .223 and work my way up to a .243 when the deer get bigger on my uncles property...he said he wouldnt let anyone else knock them down! Found this site while looking for online info for hunting spots in s.a. hopefully get to chat with some locals and learn what i can from all the other members!

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My name is Ben and I like going out hunting with my partner, she spots for me. I have a .308, shotgun and .22. We have just got back from Warraweena and loved it.

I hunt all the ferals and we are always looking for more places to hunt in SA (contact me if you have any!).\

I look forward to being apart of the forum and learning as muchas I can.


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Hi I'm new to hunting, 50 yrs old and have just acquired my licence.

I live in Adelaide and am in the market for a .22LR at present. Starting off just hunting rabbits and a bit of plinking.

regards tommyruff

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