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G'day from - SA

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How's it!

Used to shoot with my grandfather and trap for skins. Done a bit of pigging with dogs. Shot a few goats with my Father. Want to get back into it as I want another excuse to get out of the house. Married for 2 years no kids.

Chef by trade so really want to look at supplying the family with meat not trophies.

Love spear fishing and fishing but the family is getting sick of fish...

First thought of hunting when my uncle told me he had deer on his property so I went and got my license and that was 3 years ago. Next step is to find a suitable rifle hence joining this forum.



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hey guys,

20 from northern adelaide, grand parent and my old man have been shooting since they were 15, grand dad is a primary producer so have been around the firearm buisness since i was a little tacker!

got my firearms license about 6 months ago, would love to get into the hunting buisness, grand dad bought me all top quality spotlights, camping gear and i purchased my self a nice .22 bout 3 months ago, synthetic stock with stainless steel barrel (shoots very straight).

hope to get to know alot of you :)

theres a little bit about me!

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hi guys

i live about three hours north of adelaide just getting back into hunting after about a ten year break

been doing a bit of goat hunting in the flinders latly but would like to get into some fox whistling and rabbit shooting

so any one in the port augusta area keen for some company im always keen exept when im at work

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Hi matt here.

have been hunting most of my life.

all the usual feral suspects Rabbits to foxes goats & deer.

looking to expand on deer hunting this season can anyone help with some pointers to hunting in State parks in Vic?

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