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G'day from - SA

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Hey guys, new member from Adelaide. Only new to shooting/hunting. We have a small property in the mid north with plenty of rabbits around. We don't want them there so figured would be a good idea to get my license and do something about it. Currently have a cz452 in .22 and a couple of old Lithgow .22's we found in a cupboard a few months ago at my grandmas. They belonged to my grandpa who passed around 25 years ago. We cleaned them up and they shoot as good as new.

Keen to learn a bit about hunting and look forward to sharing some hunting reports/photos.


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Hey guys and girls,

New to hunting, I enjoy fishing for food and growing my own veggies/fruit. I enjoy the idea of providing for yourself, so am really keen on hunting for food.

Game I am interested in is rabbit, goat, deer, pig, quail and duck primarily. Cheers.

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G'Day all

Im 33 from Adelaide and have recently got in to shooting, mainly range and plinking.

Looking get some land and do some hunting but haven't been out for a hunt yet.

Here for learning and you never know might meet people.

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G'day everyone!!

My names Aaron living in Adelaide. will be 25 later this month, I've a .22 rifle and some handguns which I mostly use at the range but hopefully I will be getting involved with more hunting in the next few months if I figure out somewhere to do so and maybe upgrading to a shiny new (or more likely 2nd hand) .223 for larger game.

Great to be a part of the community!

Cheers Guys and Girls

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Guest xxwaypoint9x

Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.

AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.

Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.

Happy Hunting,

AusHunt Admin.

Hayden potts Outfitter

Im posting hunting videos in the coming weeks if your interested.


Sent from my SM-N9007 using Tapatalk

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G'day to all Forum members ,

From SA , been shooting since I was 12 , got my license when I was 16 years old . Had to hand in a few guns on the buyback & have only had an Air Rifle & 22 for many years since . Recently started expanding my guns collection again . Really love shooting , but finding it increasingly hard to find legal places to shoot , hoping to find some good places on this forum , so I can let off some rounds , be it target or bunnies . With my family I enjoy 4WD'g , camping , fishing & obviously shooting . Need a fun hobby to keep me busy .

Cheers to all

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G'day to all forum members,

Not new to shooting or hunting but new to owning. From the North East suburbs and Port Augusta, with time split between there on alternate weekends. Looking for places and or other people to shoot with up there or down here. Anything from targets at the range to camels and goats out bush or rabbits in the paddock.


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