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G'day from - SA

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Hi there.

Used to handle 7.62, 5.56 and 9mm (for military use) so do have some experience with firearms. However am completely new to rimfire and interested in exploring this category of ammunition. Have a keen interest in ballistics and by natural extension, target shooting. As for hunting, am totally new to the game (sic).

Currently based between Adelaide, Port Augusta and Quorn, and looking for areas where I can legally discharge a firearm.

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G'day all.

Bunny chaser here.

Ive probably been chasing them for 40 years now, & i still havent caught up to one.

Im a big fan of afternoon sniping & morning shotgunning, & a big fan of putting 20 calibre holes in foxes under spotlight.

Looking forward to sharing a few yarns & tips.


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49 minutes ago, David285 said:

Hi, Im 45 years old. Been shooting for awhile. Shoot rabbits and foxes. Just like to learn more and read other people's opinions.


welcome, good bunch of like minded fellas here. you should fit right in.

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