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G'day from - VIC

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Hi All, from Melbourne. I’m a well experienced hunter, thought I’d join the forums to try learn some more.  Sick of all the “tactical” hunters that know the velocity of every brand of ammo yet can’t shoot a bunnie at spitting distance. Hence my name Agro. 

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Hey all,

New to the site. been a shooter for almost 13 years now. all paper and clays but would love to get into some pest eradication.

I live in Wallan Vic so if anyone is nearby say hello.

Own 2 x 12g shotties, .22Mag, .204 and a .243.

Will also be looking for something larger, .270 up for the bigger stuff when i get some more experience under my belt.

Cheers John



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Gooday all, I have been hunting and target shooting with both rifles and shotguns for over 40 years, I hunt Deer, Ferals whenever I get a chance, I am also involved with PCP Air rifles. I own an Anschutz 1710 DHB in .22, A .25 FX Royale PCP and a .308 BLR, my favourite shotgun is a Miroku MK 10 Delux in 12g 30" I dont have many guns but what i have are used regularly and are very accurate


Thanks for allowing me to join, I look forward to some good discussion's


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Gday all.
I’m Tom from vic. Shoot with a tikka 30-06
Have shot quiet a few sambar now but am always keen to get out there and get more.
Love fishing and Dirtbikes riding too.
Have joined here to learn as much as I can about hunting. Cheers.

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