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G'day from - VIC

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Hi Guys

I reside in the Uk main rifle use deer  fox and rabbits

rifles used .22 rimmy, 17 mach 2 .17 & 22 hornets. .222.  .243. 6.5 x 55 and lastly the good old .308


also wildfowling, ferreting, sea and fly fishing 


shooting, fishing. ferreting since i was knee high to a grasshopper

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Hey All,

Im Aria from Vic,

My boyfriend has recently gotten me into hunting and so far I have shot a few rabbits with his 22 rifle.

We are looking into doing some pig and goat hunting in the near future, so any advice on locations would be appreciated :) 

(I have my own 223, and he has another gun that shoots 300wm and a shotgun)

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Hi All, 

Only been hunting for about 5 years, mainly in NE Victoria. Love hunting samba and foxes. Run a 300wm, 223, 22 and 12g.


Just looking to learn a thing or two or listen to a few stories and to get more involved in the hunting community. 



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