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I watch a lot of YouTube and just now I came across this video that was posted about a year ago.  This is how I came to join this forum. Everything about “the hunt” makes the hunt the r

Hi Guys, Jake here I have been hunting deer with my father Chris for about 8 years in the high country Victoria, our caliber of choice is a 300WSM and 7mm rem Mag. Where very keen hunters and wan

Kia Ora and to hi all,  * Long intro, sorry. My name is Regan (34), from central North Island of New Zealand. Now living in NW Melbourne Vic.                                                 

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G'day Guys,

My name is Jason my brother in law is a mad deer hunter so I decided to get my license.

I have a wetherby 223 with a leupold 4-12X40 VX1 scope. Keen to get a 22lr so if any one has one let me know. I live in Cranny and keen on hunting rabbits and fox's and stuff but its hard to find anywhere to hunt. so if you know anywhere I would be keen to go with you.

talk later

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G'day all,

My name is Marius, im new to this forum, but I ve been hunting for good 10 years now.i just moved to melbourne so at right now im more into job hunting,but i love to get back into real hunting soon .my problem is just that i haven't got a big idea about hunting in aus.so i would be real happy about som good tips aboute hunting in VIC hunting. thaks

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Hey my names Ethan and am currently in VIC but moving to QLD next year.

i am literally a hunting and gun noob, i have shot a friends .22 rifle and another mates 12Gauge shotgun a few times each

When i move to QLD i want to start hunting a few times a year, nothing big to begin with just like rabbits and foxes as I've

been interested in tracking and hunting for a while now but i have to wait till i leave home because my parents aren't very fond of the idea.

Like i said I'm basically an infint when it regards tracking and hunting

whether it be for game or to put a little food on the table (i wouldn't mind seeing what rabbit tastes like.

So yeah that the main reason I've joined this site because it would be good to get some advice on what to do and to meet

anyone that would help teach me the fundamentals or take me out hunting with them etc.

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I'm paul.

I have a .308 remington 700p ltr with leupold vx3 8.5-25*50, winchester 30-30, franchi under and over shot gun.

I usually shoot on properties in northern Vic - goats, foxes, rabbits and .

I'm keen to get into deer and would like to go bear hunting in alaska one day!

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.

AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.

Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.

Happy Hunting,

AusHunt Admin.

i hunt sambar deer, my latest rifle is the remington pump police 308, for those face to face incounters, i live in south eastern suburbs of melbourne, i also love paddock shooting with the spot light,

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G'day all.

I am Victorian based and well into deer hunting both in Victoria / interstate/ overseas.

Have a large variety of rifles / shotguns and enjoy putting holes in paper as well ( preferably tight groups ).

I prefer stalking and tend to pass up a lot of deer preferring to take photo's if they are not trophy potential.

My current pet rifle is a 300wsm aka Hand of God as I have had a lot of success with it.

nuff for now

Good Hunting.

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hello im ryan im 15 from hoppers crossing im getting into pig hunting i have a shotgun and a 22 mag which i use for rabbits and i have bull arab pup which is 6 months old.

G'day Ryan,

Welcome to the hunting world.

Mate I also live in Hoppers , although I am currently working interstate.

I only hunt deer but have mates that hunt pigs up Benalla way.

I have a shack up that way where they sometimes stay, and I am sure that they would be happy to show a young bloke the ropes.

When home I usually go up for weekends and if you are interested and allowed , I'll be more than happy to get you involved with these guys .

In the mean time Good Hunting.

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Hi my name is frank luv Quail shooting just cant find any quail

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Hi boys

im luke and im 15.

i do alot of duck shoooting at the moment but i get alot of shots at rabbit and foxes too

im pritty keeen on getting into boar hunting 4 when im older so i wanna learn abit about it and the other types of hunting!!

talk to use all sooon

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Gidday all,

I am just about to turn 50 and new to forums etc so here goes.

Started hunting back in the 70's and bought my 1st gun, a double barrel side b side for 20 bucks and my 2nd , a 303 not long after. Found out pretty quickly that the shotty was a better weapon for shooting rabbits if you wanted to eat them. The 303 was great on foxes, roos and the odd feral cat but not great on the shoulder until I learnt to shoot it properly... Believe me, I was a quick learner.

Joined the army in my teens and was introduced to other weapons outside of what the army was teaching me to shoot plus got taken out chasing pigs and goats and to culls the odd roo, donkey, brumby and dog (dingo) on a few farms.

Came home with a Ruger mini 14 in SS (handed in when the by back came) and a sporterised 30.06 in 98 mauser, which I still have.

Have added a Bruno 22 and a Browning A bolt in 30.06 since and recently began hunting deer after not really hunting anything for close to 20 years. My eldest son (Juniorhunter) got me back into hunting a couple of years back and I haven't looked back.

I am really enjoying being back in the bush and have made a resolution to shoot a grand slam in a single year before I turn 60. Not fussed about trophies but if they come along I will take them with open arms.

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