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G'day from - VIC

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I am from Spain and really enjoy my hunting. I do a lot of hunting specially in Spain and Southern Africa.

Also a buddy and I recently started a new hunting blog; this-ishunting.blogspot.com here we write about our hunting experiences and I hope some of you go on give them a read.


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Hey, Just looking at getting into hunting and learning more about the sport, previously just been a target shooter at the local range.

I currently Have 22lr Baikal 16-01 and a 1943 SMLE No.4 Mk1*.



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Hi all

im a keen hunter do quite a bit of spotlighting foxes,rabbits.

would like to pick up tips on deer hunting and give it a go.Maybe learn a few tips on reloading.

I have a Winchester model 70 in 222rem,browning abolt in 223wssm and a parker hale in 270 win that I load for.

Cheers guys

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