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G'day all from an expat in Sweden. Have lived over here for many years but will be returning to Oz and SA next year. Grew up on a property there back in the days when kids were more or less born with a .22 in their hands.

Here in southern Sweden I hunt mostly wild boar, roe deer and moose. Moose season starts up round the middle of October. Sometimes you get to see some reds and fallows as well. Hoping for luck this year.


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Hi from New Zealand.

I'm Kiwi Greg.

Some of you may already have seen my posts on other forums around the world.

My interests are wildcats, long range & extreme long range shooting.

I also design & market the Terminator Products range of muzzle brakes & products.

Cheers Greg.

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Hi Bruce. Now that you are a member of AusHunt and you have an interest in cooking, why don't you get yourself over here for our forum members deer hunt at Wonnongatta in May?

Check it out under Deer Hunting and the threads of reports over the last few years. We have a spot for you at the meat carving table and as dessert maker.

Grant .

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I am from Auckland, NZ, planning to move to Sydney in early 2015. Have been a keen hunter here.

I would like to get more information on obtaining a firearms license in Australia and going out for a few hunts. Any info would be much appreciated.

Also I read that in Australia civilians are not allowed to possess semi-auto fire arms. Some info on this would be great. Current stockpile as below.

Ruger 10/22 semi auto, Savage Axis 308 bolt, Baikal single shot 7.62x39, Remington 22Mag semi auto. Any chance I can pile up something similar in Australia?


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Hello I hope to learn a lot from the members about hunting in Australia. I'm holed up in Canada and have hunted my entire life, from Grouse/Ducks/Geese to Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, and Moose. I have also made a few trips to the southern hemisphere to SA to hunt and I'd like to learn what Aus has on offer.

Look forward to my stay here at Aushunt!

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