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G'day from Denmark!

We are two guys coming to Queensland, Australia this february. We are keen hunters and are trying to figure out how your weapon laws, hunting permits etc. works.
Sam, 23 years,(my mate) have spend half a year traveling NZ, hunting most of the time and he has been hunting whole his life back in Denmark.
I(Søren Leegaard, 23 years) have spend a year in NZ hunting, half a year in Greenland guiding and hunting my self as well, and been a keen outdoorsman my whole life.

We could really need some advice about how the whole thing works in Aus. We are looking for a farm job on a cattle farm as well, so if you guys have any suggestions on that feel more than welcome to write :D


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Hi All, I'm from Pretoria - South Africa, hunt whenever I get the chance to (Not as much as I would like to though)

Do a bit of bushpig hunting both with and without the dogs and Warthog whenever I get a gap.

Also do a bit of nightshooting targeting Jackal and Porcupine.

Interested to see how you do things in AUS :)

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Hello guys!

I am from Ukraine. I started hunting this year, and now decided to register here to seek how are you hunting here, in Australia.

Have a semi-automatic turkish shotgun (We have many turkish shotguns in Europe and Ukraine, and in USA as I know. It's very popular because cheap, and have a normal quality. Not good as BBB, but enough for starter).

It's almost the end of a duck hunting season in Ukraine now - temperature at the night often drops below zero. (Oh, do you use metric system and celsius or imperial and fahrenheit? Because I meant below zero celsius). Swamps begin to froze, and it's near to begin snowing. So it was my first duck hunting season. Now I'm preparing for the rabbit hunting (from november to february).

Also I'm interesting in 12 guage reloading. Have an Lee Load All 2. Hope to find something new information.

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Hi from NZ. I'm a English Gamekeeper working on a pheasant shoot in the north island of New Zealand.

Looking to make fox shooting contacts in Australia, because, God do I miss fox shooting!!!!

Would love to hear from anyone who is interested in the chance to come to NZ to shoot a few pheasants in exchange for serious fox shooting opportunities in Oz.

Great hunting site. Love all the pics.

Cheers, pommiekeeper.

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Gday pommie,me and Joefish are heading to the south in November to chase tahr.couple of dedicated fox shooters on here with plenty of pics and stories to enjoy

Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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