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Forum Guidelines

This forum is a tool to 'promote a positive image for hunters' in Australia, lets keep it that way!

Our membership is also made up of ladies, kids, police, Govt dept reps, antis, etc. Please keep this in mind when posting.

1. NO swearing or rudeness, No racism, No strong religious views, discrimination against minority groups, terrorism, etc.

2. NO personal attacks or threats. Heated discussion is ok but keep it clean.

3. NO organized hate groups, or plans to 'form a posse and lynch someone' including groups. (This includes anti-hunting parties) Violent or non-ethical posts towards these groups or a person will not be tolerated. We want to promote legal ways of negotiating our cause.

4. NO discussion on anything illegal, drugs, firearms, drink driving, cruelty to animals, inhumanity etc unless we are talking about solutions.

5. NO Flaming, trolling or cross-posting or instigating trouble through posts.

6. NO SPAM (sex, porn, weight loss etc.) you will be Banned immediately without question.

7. Privacy and Copyright: Make sure you have permission to post somebody else's email, literature or writings or to use their pictures. Do not name people if they are anonymous on this board.  Publically shared content under creative commons licensing is allowed.

8. NO Commercial Advertising of products, websites, links or companies without taking a BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP. Recommendations from one hunter to another is ok. NO DIRECT SPAMMING members. (For promotions advice please email info@aushunt.com.au)

9. NO website or other forum links unless you have ADMIN permission.(also applies to signatures) Personal homepages or not for profit organisations are ok with permission.

10. No talking junk!! this is a hunting forum to talk about hunting in Australia, if it doesn't relate in some way to hunting or shooting your topic may be removed. Main events or issues in society that affect us ALL are ok (Anzac day, Christmas, fathers day, the footy, Fuel prices, etc)

11. If your topic is removed or closed, please accept it and move on. ALL complaints please PM Aushunter or email info@aushunt.com.au

12. VIP memberships do not guarantee you will not be banned from this board, if you are banned no money will be refunded.

13. Business Members and Promotional Messages
AusHunt provides Business memberships for clubs, organisations and businesses to promote their services and products to our hunting community. You will need to be a business member to post any advertising or promotional type posts and will only be allowed to in the relevant sections. Any members that promote in other sections will be asked to take a business membership and repeat offenders who refuse will be banned. Any business found constantly spamming our members through the PM system will also be banned.

14. Business Members using our Facebook group
Whilst we will do our best to uphold these ethics and Facebook's community standards within our Facebook group we cannot guarantee that the group will not be closed down by Facebook. In this instance we will not refund any Business membership monies but utilise alternative AusHunt promotional channels for your business.

15. By submitting your material you agree that AusHunt can use any content (pictures, stories, videos etc) in future promotional material across AusHunt channels free of charge and without authorisation.

16. These rules are subject to change and you agree that AusHunt reserves the right to amend and change these rules to protect the interests of the business and to uphold a positive reputation for Australian hunters and shooters.

Please abide by our rules and guidelines to keep the positive image and community that AusHunt has built for Australian Hunters and Shooters.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in being banned from this board without warning.

AusHunt cannot be held responsible for third party views or our members opinions and posts.

Photo guidelines

Applies to Forum and Gallery.

AusHunt cannot be responsible for what our users post but we can set some guidelines for all our members to follow.

Acceptable Photos

-Trophy Shots

-Similar shots to popular hunting magazines

Unacceptable Photos

- Nothing gory, eyes popped, dismembered animals, bloody messes.

- Guts and organs (except dressed animals)

- Dogs in a training situation, on a styed, trapped or defenseless pig. This is cruel and illegal.

- Any dogs holding or lugging a pig (not illegal but not shown here)

- Badly injured Dogs

- No adult material, girly photos (even in avatars)

AusHunt promotes ethical and humane hunting and reserves the right to remove any post or photos we deem unsuitable. Please do not challenge our judgement, if your photo is removed, accept it.

As part of promoting a positive image for hunters we must ALL enforce these censorship rules on this board.



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