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    Haha how did I get involved here! And with that sorta shit 🤔
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    Gidday All, I shoot a .204 and a 20 gauge hence the Dave2020. Its a bugger my eyesight isn't the same 2020 anymore!
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    Hey guys Joe from SE QLD, been slowly getting my gear up together to start hunting state forests in nsw so will be picking a few brains in the future 👍🏻
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    Hey all. Zach here from Brisbane. Here seeking advice on the closest decent state forest to find dear. Happy to travel a few hours to find some somewhere good. Happy hunting!
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    Gday from north east vic, chase sambar and fallow, plus a few pests around the farm. got a litter of GSP pups ready for new homes in a couple weeks, I own both parents who are great dogs 204,6.5swede, 308,3006
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    Gday to all Im Andrew from Brisbane,47 years old , in the last year have purchased and been given a few firearms recently from a neighbour. Hope to go hunting for rabbits, Fox, pigs, deer and ferals. Hunted as a young fella, and am happy to be getting back into it.
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    Hi all Gold coaster here, but have a family farm out western QLD, been shooting on it since I was 10yo, mainly hunt pigs, but also enjoy eating wild goats, rabbits n shooting hares & foxes. Hopefully might learn some stuff on here 👌
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    G'Day from Brisbane. i have access to a couple of properties out west of Brisbane and get out when i can to help clean up ferals.
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    Gday Leo here, mostly shoot on my place In south east qld, when I get a break from chasing cattle and fixing fences. Plenty of Ferals around, especially wild dogs.
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