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    Hi I'm in Sydney's Northern Beaches and I've been working to become increasingly self sufficient, using less energy, growing my own food, keeping chickens for eggs and learning to fish. I've been interested in sourcing my own meat for a while but it has fallen down the priority list due to weekend family commitments. My son is now of an age where I have more free time and I may be able to bring him along for the ride. I am researching local shooting and hunting clubs to join once they reopen and educating myself about the licensing process, different firearms, callibres of ammunition and places to hunt. I'm also interested in trying target shooting and improving my skills before heading into the field. I found this forum and look forward to engaging with other hunters to help broaden my knowledge and help me become successful at sourcing my own food in a sustainable and humane way.
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    Hi Fellas, another Kiwi checking out the scene in Oz. Small Game hunting is what I enjoy, that is getting back into it after a number of years absence. Cheers
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    Gidday fellow hunter greeting from Kiwi Land i'm mainly into pighunting and interested in visiting this web site to see howz the hunting in Australia Cheers Kilo ((0))
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    how ya all i'm from ireland.i found this site looking for the pig dog vet on the internet when the boardogs site shut down. very good site it has everything very interested in the pig hunting with the dogs and hope to come over for a hoilday in the near future jimfin
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