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  1. Welcome to the sport Dave! Like most sports, the most expensive part is starting. You need the gear to get going. The second hand market sounds like the best option for you. Like Whistler said, buying a cheap gun can often end in tears... but you can get a good rifle/shotgun 2nd hand for a cheaper price, obviously. You didn't mention what type of hunting you're wanting to get into. Duck, rabbit, fox, goat, deer, pig, other? That will determine what type of rifle/shotgun you will need. Let us know and we'll throw you some suggestions. You'll obviously need a safe as well. With them, keep in mind that the advertising is usually "optimistic"... A "3 gun safe" is pretty small... Other stuff that is optional but very recommended includes a sling, gun bag, binoculars, scope (rather than iron sights), cleaning equipment & supplies, and maybe camouflage clothing - especially if you're thinking of deer hunting. The list is never ending. But if you've got a rifle/shotgun, some ammo, and knowledge of safe shooting, that's all you really need. Anyway, give us some more info on what you're thinking of hunting.
  2. It’s an overhyped marketing shpiel…..
  3. You'll notice the product review included with it, Dave
  4. Yup - it’s ace! I’ve used it on the motorbike as well. Works great! But…. Looks like they’ve gone out of business. At least temporarily anyway
  5. Samhuntvic face veil for me
  6. Sometimes if you’re in a house or under wet trees/canopy a GPS can struggle to get a signal
  7. I can see why you’re happy! That’s a knife anybody would want to own!
  8. I think the only charge in Vic is for the ambos. None of the other services charge as far as I’m aware if it’s a legit rescue. Especially not the volunteer services (SES, CFA, BSAR, Coast Guard, etc). But as Matt says - ambo cover will make the ambos $0 as well.
  9. You definitely won't get charged if its legit. The definition of "legit" is pretty broad too - people trigger them for much more trivial "issues" than any of us would. Just down to experience and preparedness and some bush users have neither. But if you're taking the piss, paying for choppers, etc, etc, can get pretty pricey at $4k/hr (or something like that). Bottom line: if you push the button, the alarm bells ring and people WILL come looking for you immediately if you think you need help, you probably do, push the button and you won't get in trouble
  10. If you register your PLB/EPIRB with AMSA they'll send (or should send) an email to remind you. Then they also know who the owner of the PLB/EPIRB is, what your car rego is, your contact person, etc, etc, so that if you do hit that button, it all swings into action quickly. They'll try calling you as well in case its a false alarm - might save you some big bucks... Definitely worth it ?
  11. When I get up for a leak at 3am in Wonnangatta, it’s the jacket I grab every time. I sleep in the buff and that jacket warms up straight away (after the initial cold shock )
  12. Good choice BT - mine is the warmest jacket I own ?
  13. If you can, go and try a few on and get the shop dude to adjust them properly for your shoulder to hip length. Then put some weight into them. I've bought a few "good brands" only to find that they are well made but don't fit me very well. I'm only 6'1" but I think my leg to body ratio is a bit out so packs always seem a bit short for me. Or maybe its that I don't know how to set them up properly. Either way, if I buy another one, I'll be following my own advice from above.
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