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    Guns, shooting guns, hunting with guns, reloading ammo for guns. And I like knives too, but not as much as guns.

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  1. Hi HD I am happy to donate something to the cause. These are my first ever proper hunting outfit, imported from the USA when I did a lot of bow hunting in NSW back 30 years ago. They are 100% cotton which I preferred at the time because they are quiet in the bush. But I have a lot of good synthetic gear which I much prefer for hunting in the Vic high country which is the vast majority of the hunting I do today. They are closer to large than medium, but hopefully they will last him a while. They still have plenty of life left in them, I just never wear them. PM an address & I will get them in the post. Should only take a month or so to get to you at the moment 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I think thats it, but it seems more spamy than anything. I mean new user, first post to the forum?
  3. Hi all I am an experienced hunter and shooter, but new to this site. I have hunted most states of Australia, as well as New Caledonia, the USA and 4 different countries in Africa. I have shot a lot of rifle competitions, won some national medals, and represented Australia at 6 world championship rifle shooting competitions. As you might have guessed by now, I like guns & shooting. I have a lot of different rifles, with calibers from 17 cal through to 500 cal. Looking forward to talking some more with people on this site.
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