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  1. Here is our new Ladies Soft Shell Jacket in Pink Cam™ This camo design has a really deep 3D look to it and the pink provides excellent visibility to humans in the bush, better than blaze orange. Absolutely waterproof, soft feel fabric. Fold away non detachable hood with drawstring, waterproof external zips with pullers to access with gloves, internal zip pocket big enough for a large phone. Adjustable cuffs, stud secured storm flap over the front zip. High collar. $138.00 Freight Free Australia wide. Fleece beanie in Pink Cam™ $25.00 Freight Free PM, email or direct to website.
  2. Check it here Rosso https://samhuntvic.com.au/product/woodleigh-products/ and then click the Woodleigh link. Excellent straight line penetration on heavy animals like buffalo and scrub bulls. Sambar usually pull up straight away with these. No special trick to loading just follow the Woodleigh data. Grant.
  3. As always, if you have any questions ask away.
  4. Hard to measure fleece thickness so I'll just have to say it's lightweight. It's not double thickness anywhere. Just a step up from the NTS shirt. You would need at least your grey shirt underneath. Grant. Grant.
  5. That is a light Fleece Bush Shirt, Ozzie has one. Edit: Sorry, I made a mistake telling you that the shirt was fleece. That one pictured is a polyester finemesh. We do have the Fleece Bush Shirt though, it's more red than orange. See it here. https://samhuntvic.com.au/product/fleece-bush-shirt-blazecam/ Cheers Grant. Medium size is the smallest in this item and it fits me fairly closely. Grant
  6. Any chance of a repair, like drilling a hole in the bit where it is broken and inserting a pin? Grant.
  7. Moisture wicking undershirt for hunting.
  8. The word is out Rama, you need a lighter rifle. Keep an eye out for any AusHunt hunts. Look forward to meeting you. Grant.
  9. You are right there mate, the colour difference is because of the new new model and some still in stock of the first one. Do you mean the Blazecam™? Not all colours are available in all sizes. If there is something that you like just ask and I'll check what we have. The one on the right is a much closer mesh than the others. A bit short on Blazecam™ at the moment. Grant.
  10. That would be the samburstalker, he doesn't even know what he's wearing until it's time for a picture. Grant.
  11. Woodleigh and Blazecam™, they just go together. Grant.
  12. Hi Jake, about time you turned up. Feel free to ask away and join in the conversations. Grant.
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