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    The mighty Sambar and some other stuff but can't remember what it is.

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  1. Joe, a report of one of the FB pages of just that happening recently. 30" stag on the ground. Grant.
  2. Clever those brown things, they know all my plans too. Grant.
  3. Well, five and a half months on and we have been able to maintain the price. The new model is green and slightly longer but the same sounds. Beats me why Flexmark had to change a winning size and colour but there you go, fixing something that ain't broke. We also provide written instructions, saves having to go to their website to find out how to use it. Grant.
  4. Nice Glen, I'd like to see those two in action in May. Grant.
  5. Very nice mate. Any leather work to go with it? Grant.
  6. SamHuntVic is now an authorised dealer for Flexmark Outdoors' Sambar Deer Caller. https://samhuntvic.com.au/product/flexmark-sambar-deer-call/
  7. That would be a terrific buy for somebody needing one. A very handy gadget. Grant.
  8. Even in the camper I have an empty and very well scrubbed out Kimchi container with a screw top. It's amazing how much you leak at about 2AM. Grant.
  9. Yes we do BT, have you checked the dimensions carefully, they are "roomy"? Grant.
  10. That's pretty good seeing the bullet. At around $800 plus bits is dirt cheap. Now for some night viz clips. Grant.
  11. The word is out Rama, you need a lighter rifle. Keep an eye out for any AusHunt hunts. Look forward to meeting you. Grant.
  12. Just changed server, I'm onto it. Anyway we don't make those leather guncases any more. Grant.
  13. Good buy Glenn, I have one similar that Geoff re handled for me. Yet to try it on skin. Hopefully this weekend. Grant.
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