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    The mighty Sambar and some other stuff but can't remember what it is.

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  1. The word is out Rama, you need a lighter rifle. Keep an eye out for any AusHunt hunts. Look forward to meeting you. Grant.
  2. Hi Jake, about time you turned up. Feel free to ask away and join in the conversations. Grant.
  3. Welcome Jake and Chris. See it works. You've got a lot of reading to do. Keep your eye on any sambar hunts coming up and ask if you can com along. Grant.
  4. Hi Michael, I think that it would be very complicated to just come to Australia to hunt. Permits and licensing are different from State to State and then there is the problem of what to hunt and where and with whom. I suggest that you read as much as you can on this forum and get an idea of what your problems would be. Grant.
  5. Welcome Jake. It was nice to meet you and have a yarn. Stick around and post a few hunting tales. Also keep a lookout for forum deer hunts that are posted here from time to time. You meet some very nice people and have a good time as well. Grant.
  6. Plenty of AusHunters in your area Scales, welcome and stay active on this forum. Grant.
  7. Hey, a pair of tabbys, you've got yourself a pair of slippers. You don't want odd ones...that would look silly. Welcome aboard. Grant
  8. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! That didn't take very long after our little talk. Welcome Neal. Now you need to start the process and get ready for Wonnongatta! Grant
  9. Hi Bruce. Now that you are a member of AusHunt and you have an interest in cooking, why don't you get yourself over here for our forum members deer hunt at Wonnongatta in May? Check it out under Deer Hunting and the threads of reports over the last few years. We have a spot for you at the meat carving table and as dessert maker. Grant .
  10. Hello Paul, welcome to the forum. Take a good look around and please keep us informed on your latest hunts. Grant
  11. G'day mate how ya going?

    How ya new boat goin? been getting out in some of the good weather for a fish?

    A bloke sent me a link to a site for some fishing spots you might like.


    I tried a couple the other day whiting spots

    sisnt get whiting but a got about 10 pinkys which w...

  12. empty ya inbox i think she full.

  13. Hi Mavrick, welcome to the site. There are plenty of blokes on here to steer you in the right direction re ammo for your .223 After you pick it up and run a box of average type ammo through it, just ask a question in the ammo section. I bet you get 50 different opinions. Grant
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