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  1. Back it up with a purchase of two F, shout the lad one!
  2. I was interested D9.3 until I choked at the price for a pair of strides...Thats a hell of a price. KUTANA STORM SHELL PANT A$456.00 Designed for the toughest hunts at a backpack-friendly weight, this durable ripstop stretch nylon rain pant is backed with a new Entrant waterproof breathable membrane and seam-tape combination. Color: Ash I reckon there is more value for much the same outlay with a pack instead of any of the ultra priced pants. PRO 1850 FULL HUNTING PACK KIT A$730.00A$547.00
  3. and a rippin price too Chuck said... Bushnell Elite 1500 laser rangefinder. When I first started experimenting with it, a few things were readily apparent: the display is lightning fast compared to any other unit I'd tested. It ranges your target instantly. The 7x26mm monocular is far brighter than previous Bushnell units, a big improvement, as it makes the liquid crystal display much more vivid in lower light conditions. The monocular is a fully multi-coated optic, and features the excellent Bushnell RainGuard on top of that. Like its smaller brother, the Legend, the Elite 1500 is both waterproof (not just "resistant") and it floats. It goes a big step further, however. This unit is diopter focusable, a feature passed up in the Legend for the sake of its waterproof integrity. The ability to focus the monocular is a huge plus versus the prior perma-focus approach. The Elite 1500 is not a compact rangefinder; it measures 1.7 x 5.1 x 3.7 inches and weighs 11.8 oz. It uses a single 9 volt radio battery, a plus compared to the lithium camera batteries used before. It ranges as close as 5 yards and outranges every rangefinder I have ever tested. The Elite 1500 will quickly give you a reliable range at ranges and conditions where no other rangefinder can, simple as that. It gave me reliable ranges on reflective objects, such as a light colored truck, to well past 1300 yards.
  4. I bought this unit from Errol Mason quite a few years ago and my Swaro RF replaced it seven odd years ago so its up for grabs as its just sitting in the safe. It has a 7X monocular that is a very handy spotter too. $300 plus a bit of freight.
  5. TOO SMALL! Scrubbed for sure dont want that chilli on him haaaaaaaaaaa
  6. When i`m in my swag in the rain i unzip and piss straight out the side. A mate whinged about having to get up for a leak in the cold and wet and I told him what I do. That night we had celebratory drinks and he did the same and confessed next day that he unzipped the sleeping bag but not the swag and left a litre of his finest inside the swag haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. Samhunt have you got any in XL? I will grab one if so.
  8. Thats a nice looking all rounder there Tradeer. A long time ago RT kindly offered to handle a blade for me also,I haven't followed it up but will...err kfcn when?
  9. be aware despite claims that some dont like recoil from 300 win mags,bloke i know has personally (meat man) advised me that he blew two up on warranty and now uses a 308 Win
  10. Brinny I have had the same diamond steel for circa 40 years,they are a really good aid on site in the bush. My Buck 110 is older Iiirc except the blade is a third the size of your knife now.
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