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  1. balltearer

    G'day from - NSW

    This forum is different and most hunt from what I can glean and some good boys among them too.
  2. balltearer

    G'day from - NSW

    geezuz mate take a chill eh ffs
  3. balltearer

    G'day from - NSW

    My response was to your line
  4. balltearer

    G'day from - NSW

    Thats ambitious,perhaps hunting hay bales (practice and more practice) is the place to start.
  5. balltearer

    G'day from - VIC

    Got a few rhino?
  6. balltearer


    Great headskin
  7. balltearer

    G'day from - VIC

    Theres more species in and around the Otways,including hoggies.
  8. balltearer

    G'day from - VIC

    They will be monitoring your FB page next lol!
  9. I saw you sooking up in the `gatta when you left early......say no more, I rest my case, BT

    Tarzan? Not even close,i`m a skinny runt of a thing and I`m balltearer because i kicked a football that split one day in a match.


    btw Through is through and not trough ,thats where the laundry  is dumped...snicker snicker!


    1. Voltaire


      Be well, have a great new year, and i'm pleased you rested your case. Great and pleased you are the winner. Shoot well, and try not to buy a Beretta. 

  10. balltearer

    G'day from - VIC

    balltearer here , because i did tear one as a kid and i`m keen to learn from the experienced on here.