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  1. I lived in Coomera for seven years Fred and Karumba for 1/2 a year and I can say that the hunting opportunities on the GC are limited unless you really know someone.
  2. Hey Rich what do you do with the Rails.? Ours are a protected species. A couple of species I have seen in Victoria.
  3. Hi Mate, I didn't want to post someone else's content on the open forum so can I send them direct to you.

    I reckon I have seen a pic of this stag before, Have you got any images of that stag?






    1. balltearer


      No I havent any at all and no connection to that stag either,a mate sent the pic to me originally.

  4. This forum is different and most hunt from what I can glean and some good boys among them too.
  5. Thats ambitious,perhaps hunting hay bales (practice and more practice) is the place to start.
  6. Theres more species in and around the Otways,including hoggies.
  7. They will be monitoring your FB page next lol!
  8. I saw you sooking up in the `gatta when you left early......say no more, I rest my case, BT

    Tarzan? Not even close,i`m a skinny runt of a thing and I`m balltearer because i kicked a football that split one day in a match.


    btw Through is through and not trough ,thats where the laundry  is dumped...snicker snicker!


    1. Voltaire


      Be well, have a great new year, and i'm pleased you rested your case. Great and pleased you are the winner. Shoot well, and try not to buy a Beretta. 

  9. balltearer here , because i did tear one as a kid and i`m keen to learn from the experienced on here.
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