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  4. Gday I'm living in Sydney and among all the corona hysteria, I've had a wake up call to start being more self sufficient and looking at taking up hunting. Keen to find out more about it.
  5. Hey y’all, new to hunting, looking to get tips and advice and hopefully get my first hunt some time this year. peace
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  7. Hi, I'm from Geelong. Love hunting . Have 4 rifles and looking at getting into bowhunting! Regards, Adrian.
  8. Hi I'm in Sydney's Northern Beaches and I've been working to become increasingly self sufficient, using less energy, growing my own food, keeping chickens for eggs and learning to fish. I've been interested in sourcing my own meat for a while but it has fallen down the priority list due to weekend family commitments. My son is now of an age where I have more free time and I may be able to bring him along for the ride. I am researching local shooting and hunting clubs to join once they reopen and educating myself about the licensing process, different firearms, callibres of ammunition and places to hunt. I'm also interested in trying target shooting and improving my skills before heading into the field. I found this forum and look forward to engaging with other hunters to help broaden my knowledge and help me become successful at sourcing my own food in a sustainable and humane way.
  9. Hi all, i wanted to ask your opinion about mobile decoys My friend wanted to sell me his decoyed ringdove collection. He said that this is the best decoys, that I've ever seen. I didn't hear about minuses from him. And I've decided to ask you about them.I don't remember the name of organization, but I think that it is "madhunt"
  10. Hi All, From Sydney and been hunting in the central west region lately. New to the sport but been enjoying it so far :)
  11. Hello Not really been into hunting before but now looking for my first rifle.
  12. Gday Getting into some bow hunting used to do a little when I was younger Cheers
  13. Hi all... I live in Perth's northern suburbs. I Love all types of hunting/shooting, and one day I would like get into collecting vintage firearms specifically old shotguns and military rifles Cheers and happy hunting..
  14. Hi guys, I'm from geelong and I own a ruger .22lr, tikka .223, tikka 30.06 and I have just started to reload my own bullets.
  15. And a good taste in whisky I surmise. Hunted Scotland once myself for roe buck, didn't manage to take one but is certainly a beautiful place. Welcome.
  16. Hello All Love to hunt with rifle, shotgun and rod. Working class lad from the North of England. Hunt mainly in Scotland. Have hunted in the Northern Territories. Got my McNab in the NT. Big boar with the rifle. Brace of Magpie geese with the shotgun. Barramundi with the rod.
  17. G'day, Used to shoot a bit when I younger but kids and city life got in the way. Looking to get back into it with mates. About to buy my first rifle, Lithgow Arms 102. If the schools close down in April I'll be out there! 😂
  18. I think thats it, but it seems more spamy than anything. I mean new user, first post to the forum?
  19. He is wanting to know the ins and outs about MWM’s safari service he is offering ??.
  20. That's pretty hard to understand, and even if it was easy, and someone knew what you were referring to, I doubt someone is going to unload all that info on you.
  21. I want to know all about Macca that how to plan outdoor Adventures and Hunting Charters that how to plan for one dat trip and what would be the charges of this adventures.
  22. Hi All, I'm from the Southern Highlands and am getting back into hunting so expect so daft questions from me. Cheers, SNAF
  23. Just getting into bow hunting, keen to learn some tip and tricks to find & get close to feral animals.
  24. Hi all, I'm 38 and from Adelaide. I did a fair bit of spotlighting as a kid and more recently hunting pigs, donkeys etc in the NT. Would love to get back into bunny shooting in SA and to get my boys into as well.
  25. Hey everyone, I’m from south eastern suburbs, keen to start bow hunting, looking for a partner or group.
  26. G'day all, I am Cornelius, I am a South African in wonderful Australia. I am based in Sydney and new to the Australian hunting scene. Having hunted African antelope for most my life, I am very excited to get into hunting here in Australia and explore what this great, beautiful diverse country has to offer. I have hunted mostly with my Sako .270 and Browning .308 in South Africa. I have applied for my A and B fire arm licence in NSW on the 27th of November 2019, almost 4 months now and still waiting. Hopefully will have it soon so I can explore the bush. I would like to get into shooting most deer for the meat, as well hog, and birds. Anyone has any information regarding why the licencing takes this long? Regards Cornelius
  27. Hi all, dog trainer here. Trying to source fox fur for scent training.
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