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  2. G day it’s Gus from Victoria I do a lot of ferreting with purse nets and long nets. Got four good ferrets and have got quite a few property’s I go on.
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  4. G'day, another new deer hunter here. Only been out twice, no luck yet!
  5. G day all My name is RAMA this is the first time Im posting . I recently started hunting been out about 17 times mainly In Eildon area haven't got one yet . A huge thanks and a big shout out to 2 nicest people I have meet while hunting yesterday in Eildon ,their names in the forum TRADER ,SAMBER STALKER . thanks you both for the advice and unfortunately I did not find the carcass to harvest the front legs .
  6. G'day, I'm new to this site (obviously) Been hunting since I was a kid (Ducks, Quail, Bunnies, Foxes, Goats and Pigs). Moved overseas for a while and my shooters licence lapsed and havent bothered getting it renewed...until now. Currently looking at going through that process, however with COVID19 it seems like it may be a while away. However, I feel that this is probably a good time to research and prepare. Maybe I'll get all this set up by 2021...who knows? The goal for 2021 is to stalk and drop a Deer...so I guess I've got a lot of work ahead of me. Anyway hoping to gain some knowledge (on Deer hunting) and give some back (on Ducks/Quail and pests etc) where I can. I guess I just really want to find a community as I dont have that many mates that are into hunting. So if you're keen on reaching out and you're in a similar position to me...send me a PM...maybe we can learn together? Cheers Clint
  7. Hi everyone my name is Shane Wallace!! I love Rachel
  8. In my first year of hunting, been out 8 times so far with the bow, setting up my gun licence now.
  9. Hey Gents How are we all? Hope everyone is staying safe with this covid S***. Just a question. I live on the mornington peninsula. Does anyone have a large property I can come out to and help zero in some scopes ? and teach a couple people how to shoot, no big groups just mates and family. In saying that, Only want to use target, not looking to hunt. I am ex army, infantry ( that makes a difference for those that know haha ) and I am happy to pass on a few techniques and tips for the use of the property. Thanks in advance.
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  11. Gday all, I'm hailing from the wheatbelt. Mainly vermin eradication at the moment, keen to do more stalking.
  12. Hi, looking to get back into hunting after a long break, literally to my arm.
  13. Hey yo! Another deer hunter from vic here to shoot the breeze. 🤙🏽
  14. Hey all, New hunter from NSW keen to learn from the more experienced guys.
  15. Cheers Matt I'll definelty look those places up. Appreciate the help
  16. You could try contacting Australian Deer Association branch of Pumicstone via their Facebook site or even Mary Gympie branch or Brisbane Branch. Can visit their meeting as non member. There is branch and state hunts through out the year plus some branches do mentor hunts for likes of yourself. Yes being Qld will cost for access fee to land owner and fee for any deer shot. Plus as ADA national member you can contact other branches and see if can join in on their activities/hunts. Qld member have attended Victorian branch hunts and then spent rest of week down there as $75 you can buy a licence to hunt a heap of crown land down there There Gold Coast Game Hunters club, do a net search as that's all I know about them as well. Never been meeting or meet a member myself. Glenfiddich Hunting Club is another you could do a net search and near you. Ssaa group called CWM, google up their Qld branch. Will help you develop skills to join in their projects. RIDGE group do a ballot for Red deer each year for March/April See if any of that may suit yourself
  17. Hey guys, A little info on me Name: Callum Living in North side brisbane Background: No friends or family into shooting, just trying to get into hunting myself. Had my license for a year and a half. Calibres: 22lr, .243 and just got approved for a 12g
  18. In Perth, used to shoot with dad 20 years ago as a kid and finally getting my licence now. Be good to find some new places to shoot/clear up vermin.
  19. Hi! Looking to start out and discovered this forum watching Deer Diary. Here for tips for the beginner! Cheers
  20. I lived in Coomera for seven years Fred and Karumba for 1/2 a year and I can say that the hunting opportunities on the GC are limited unless you really know someone.
  21. Hi older guy been into all types of shooting, fishing, camping since young. Grew up in Toowoomba in 70s and 80s and always had properties to go to, family pass time. Moved to Gold Coast 20 years ago, with kids etc and extra distance was out of it for quite a while but last few years been getting back into it, mostly range time pistols and rifles. Now son 23 and also into shooting and outdoors, looking to get back into hunting.
  22. G'day fellow hunters. I'm Dale from Vic. Looking forward to sharing stories and ideas from like minded people Kind regards to all, Dale
  23. Hi new this site and I have a 22, 22 mag, 222, 22-250, 30-06, shotgun Getting back into hunting/shooting after a long break for kids/job/ ...
  24. Hi Chloe here. Getting a rifle next week and looking to go rabbit/fox hunting with the goal to get a deer in a year or two. Dad used to take me pig hunting, sometimes he used a crossbow. Loved the outdoor side of things. Here for some general tips around hunting and also gear etc. Cheers
  25. Hey I'm Jonny. I like hunting deer. Have a 22 and 30-06. Wanting to learn more tips on stalking
  26. Hi, had my licence and a few rifles and shotguns for a long time, looking to get back into it now the kids are older.
  27. Hey there. I’m Matt and am here to learn after a long break away from hunting. Cheers MN
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