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  2. G'day from Hobart. I have recently moved here and am keen to hunt some rabbits and wallaby for the table. Might get into Deer hunting in the future. I also love fishing and camping. Cheers
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  4. Haha how did I get involved here! And with that sorta shit 🤔
  5. don't think he means with thermal scope, it's the other thermals
  6. You know that’s totally illegal and completely unethical, right?
  7. Hi new here, seen hilldogtv videos and come to the party from central vic an here to learn more about thermal hunting? if anyone is using thermal for stags i do hunt pigs with dogs most often
  8. Hi I am new to hunting. i have done a lot of bowhunting but have just got my rifle licence and i'm looking for a good first rifle for deer and pigs as i have access to a property close to where i live, in the putty area. Thank you any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, I'm 45 from the upper Blue Mountains but live in Morton bay now. Mostly interested in Goat and Deer for meat and skins. Happy to share relevant knowledge/skills and looking for new places/opportunities to hunt.
  10. Gidday All, I shoot a .204 and a 20 gauge hence the Dave2020. Its a bugger my eyesight isn't the same 2020 anymore!
  11. Hey guys Joe from SE QLD, been slowly getting my gear up together to start hunting state forests in nsw so will be picking a few brains in the future 👍🏻
  12. Hey, Name is Dan, Living around the Hawkesbury area. I own a .22 and a .223 Looking at getting in to the hunting game. Also looking at upping to a .308... Baby steps. Done a little bit of shooting in the past for rabbits and foxes, but going to start to step it up a little. Any suggestions for hunting areas are welcomed. Also fully licensed and insured, looking for some private property to shoot on within a couple of hours of Sydney. Mostly target practice at longer ranges, but keen on some feral control. Cheers, Dan
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  14. Hi, Ziggy from ACT. Getting back into hunting after a 30yr break.
  15. Hey all. Zach here from Brisbane. Here seeking advice on the closest decent state forest to find dear. Happy to travel a few hours to find some somewhere good. Happy hunting!
  16. Gday guys im from South Australia also I am in CWM and have done 4 culls i also shoot big game and MS i have also hunted in South africa
  17. Hey guys try to do a bit of deer stalking and whatever else my spare time permits. Heard there’s a good for sale section on this forum. Cheers, geordi
  18. Hi all I'm in nsw looking to get into hunting pigs rabbits Fox's anything haha
  19. G'day, living in Perth getting into archery with the hope to get into bow hunting. Used to hunt in SA with a rifle but looking for a new challenge to try and master. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Hi, Im from Central West NSW. I’ve hunted since I can remember and still love it. Mainly chasing deer these days. Cheers, John
  21. hey guys, new shooter looking to get into hunting
  22. Hi all, I’ve been shooting all my life, mostly at the range all over the world. I’m just starting to get serious about hunting, really interested in solo hunts.
  23. G'Day from Grafton trying archery wanna get into hunting
  24. Hi All, I have mostly hunted rabbits and foxes. After a bit of a break from hunting due to the new additions to the family, I'm hoping to get back into it and start deer hunting. Best regards,
  25. Hey lads i’m Mitch and I’m from north east vic. I spend my spare time whistling the odd fox or chasing deer around the hills. The arsenal consists of tikka .270, howa .223, browning 17hmr and a couple of scatter guns. Cheers
  26. Hi, just bought a 12g for clays, rabbits and foxes. Might give the old mans 22 and 308 a crack too
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