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  4. Gday, live around Adelaide Hills, started shooting when I was a kid and getting back into it now. Father of three and my boy is just starting to get into it as well. Would eventually like to start doing some trips into Vic to chase some deer. Looking to gain as much knowledge and advice as i can.
  5. Do all my hunting in the state forests close to Sydney. Hoping to head south of the border for some sambar soon.
  6. G'day, Andrew here from Brisbane. Got into hunting in the last year or so and absolutely love it.. currently only own a CZ .22 but shoot with a friend that has "real guns" keen to learn some tips and tricks from anyone i can!
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  8. Joined to find some info on deer hunting in Victoria. Thanks.
  9. Hunt foxes rabbits and deer in the south east Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Howdy From Sydney, anxiously awaiting my license to be approved. Looking forward to getting out there and into it! Mainly vermin control, but keen to do a bit of range shooting too. Cheers
  11. g/day newbie i havent shot a rifle for 35 years and have decided to give it ago once again
  12. Gday guys, from Kalgoorlie have been shooting out those ways all my life but am now living down south of Perth
  13. G’day, Pieter here from the Sunshine Coast Keen to start hunting again around the East Coast. I mainly hunt to keep the meat.
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  15. Hi I do a bit of hunting mainly in NSW SF's, mainly interested in deer and cooking but do love a good fox whistle every now and then :)
  16. Hi all, been hunting for many years in Australia and South Africa. cheers
  17. Hey fellas. Keen to pick up hints on deer hunting
  18. G'day all, looking at getting into hunting want to see what people with expertise have to say on some stuff and just interested in seeing what's going on
  19. Gday all, looking into getting in to bow hunting. Will spend a year possibly more target shooting and getting a bow hunting endorsement. Though I should start to learn the ins and outs of hunting from the guys that go out and do it at the same time. Always open to suggestions on books etc to really get as much knowledge as I can. Got inspired by Steven Renella, Cam Hanes, John Dudley and Joe rogan to name a few. Thought it’s time to learn it all from local knowledgeable people first.
  20. Hey. Im a relatively new hunter from Sydney. Predominantly wanting to hunt for deer, however vermin control and helping farmers is great. I shoot from 22lr to 300win and 12ga, and reload mostly everything.
  21. Gday, I have a farm in Gippsland and like to hunt deer in my spare time. Cheers Mick
  22. Hi all, Victorian here with a farm in Tassie that we are working towards moving to. Need to control wallabies, starlings, and rabbits (at least) so starting to research what works for them.
  23. Eh STOVE, go to AUSMUS in Sinny and see the pubs on mycology or talk to the staff as there used to be some pams or handbooks
  24. Hello from Sydney. I'm a newer gun owner, and am interested in basically every part of gun ownership except for hunting for any reason other than pest control, preferably of introduced species. At the moment I'm researching glass for long range shooting. I currently own a Savage Axis in 22-250, an Adler B230T, and a Tikka M695 in 300 Winchester Magnum. My gun ownership currently revolves around impulse buys which explains my er, interesting collection.
  25. Just trying to find out a bit about mushroom/truffle looking things I found today!
  26. Hi I’m retired and a reloader having a problem with resizing brass
  27. Greetings from somewhere in.. South Australia. I've been hunting a variety of animals for plenty years now. I look forward to seeing what the forums have to offer.
  28. Hello, I’m 29 and live 30kms inland from Noosa. I hunt red deer mostly for meat and hopefully a double six eventually. I also chase pigs with my dog. I have shot mainly with my 270win, but lately I’ve been having good success with my Howa 308. I live on 100acres so I hunt a lot. I also do pistol shooting and like to smash a few clays every now and then. Looking forward to talking to some fellow hunters, cheers
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