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  2. Hi All, 31 years old, North Queensland region, trap shooter, hunter, and wild game cooking. Cheers
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  4. G'day m8's Recently got into target shooting and looking to expand out into doing some hunting.
  5. hi everyone enjoy anything outdoors whether be hunting,fishing gem/gold prospecting camping farming boats etc etc.List could go on and on hahaha
  6. Hi everyone, Im up on the Gold Coast, our state doesnt allow us to hunt in state forests so I normally go to Northern NSW or some paid properties. Always looking for likeminded people to hunt with, i enjoy packing light and a lot of bushwalking. The thrill is in the chase for me. Cheers
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  8. Hi everyone. New to the forum and enjoy getting out in the bush and am interested in doing some hunting
  9. G'day g'day New to this forum my family and i enjoy all types of hunting camping fishing.
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  11. Hey all, just saying g'day! I am relatively new to hunting, not new to shooting and am keen to learn from others. Cheers
  12. Doesnt seem like a Good idea tp buy an Sell from the US, import would be expensive, freight plus im sure you have everything we have here. ever avilable. cheers
  13. Hello from US I'm joshua, I'm interested in buying and selling my firearms and airsoft. Hope this forum will be a good idea. Thanks
  14. G'day I live in FNQ and I am an avid shooter I hunt all year round Cheers
  15. Gday all. I’m Tom from vic. Shoot with a tikka 30-06 Have shot quiet a few sambar now but am always keen to get out there and get more. Love fishing and Dirtbikes riding too. Have joined here to learn as much as I can about hunting. Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Hey I'm Ryan (but everyone calls me Rhino). I live in the Mary Valley region, prefer to bowhunt but also trap pigs and shoot chit when I have to. Cheers
  17. GDay Patrick from Mackay in Qld, was a member a while ago but must have stuffed something up so have re registered. Always keen to fish, hunt and camp
  18. HI Everyone. Just another fresh hunter from Sydney area. Loving whats on the forum so far.
  19. Hey new member saying g’day! Looking forward to learning from everyone here
  20. Gday been a while since i last hunted looking for new properties to dust off the old sako on...
  21. gday guys live in the wollongong area , try to get out and do a bit of hunting around the glb area , not as much as i would like cheers figgy
  22. Gday new to hunting but am really enjoying it
  23. a hunting queen moving to astraya ,....... if yer single an a good shot i have just the safari for you haha ah welcome round the fire
  24. Hey! From Texas moving to Australia early next year looking to get into hunting down under
  25. Gday from Melbourne. Looking to gain the knowledge being shared by members here. Cheers
  26. Gooday all, I have been hunting and target shooting with both rifles and shotguns for over 40 years, I hunt Deer, Ferals whenever I get a chance, I am also involved with PCP Air rifles. I own an Anschutz 1710 DHB in .22, A .25 FX Royale PCP and a .308 BLR, my favourite shotgun is a Miroku MK 10 Delux in 12g 30" I dont have many guns but what i have are used regularly and are very accurate Thanks for allowing me to join, I look forward to some good discussion's Sauer.
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