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  2. G'day gents. I'm WA born and bred I'm new to shooting and hunting. I just got my first rifle a couple of months ago, but I'm keen as mustard to learn more about hunting and what is out there, in particular, Deer. Im getting ahead of myself, I know, but dreams are free. I hope to pick up as much info/advice as I can on all aspects of the sport, particularly humane and sustainable practices.
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  4. Hi All, from Melbourne. I’m a well experienced hunter, thought I’d join the forums to try learn some more. Sick of all the “tactical” hunters that know the velocity of every brand of ammo yet can’t shoot a bunnie at spitting distance. Hence my name Agro.
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  6. Gday. Hunt in cq. Interested in all forms of hunting and fishing.
  7. Hello, I am a sheep farmer / fox Hunter in S NSW.
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  9. Hi guys I’m from the Gold Coast and am looking at getting in to bow hunting. Looking forward to reading some great tips and advise on the forum Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi, i live in the North east and looking to get into deer hunting, just looking to do some research and learn from experienced hunters. thanks
  11. Hi from Brisbane QLD, I'm ex Navy, who found hunting later in life. I'm predominantly a Bowhunter but I do own a couple of rifles. I'm yet to get out and harvest my first wild game. Hoping this is my year. Thanks Wazz
  12. I watch a lot of YouTube and just now I came across this video that was posted about a year ago. This is how I came to join this forum. Everything about “the hunt” makes the hunt the reason. Hunting is a pursuit for so many reasons, and those reasons differ from person to person enormously. To hear someone say “I’ve been coming to the Gatta for 8 years and only ever taken one shot and missed” and see the huge grin on their face, you just know that he’ll keep going back because the hunt is the reason. it’s the reason he is out in the bush. it’s the reason he is learning to stalk. It’s the reason he is learning to harvest. it’s the reason he is sitting around that campfire, and so on and so forth. The hunt is the sum of all these things and many many more put together I have always wanted to hunt. As a kid when I’d hear someone talk about it I’d be in awe. Never grew up around it. Family detested guns. It was never encouraged. Fishing was the only hunting I could do. I’m 50 now. And it’s time to hunt. I’m balls deep in this thing. I’ve just got my license. PTA is only but a couple of days away from coming through so I can pick up my Tikka 308. I think I’ve watched every video on YouTube on Deer hunting in Victoria. I can’t thank these guys enough for going to the effort to film (which I’m sure hinders the hunt) narrate, edit and post these videos and tutorials. It’s amazing how much can be learnt from watching them. I’ve been a 4wd’er camper for a looong time. But now, oh I’m just so dam excited. I have some close friends who have helped me to get prepared to this point. We have been on a few stalks where I’ve been armed only with a camera. As I swap the camera for a rifle I just can’t wait for the adventures to come. Long hikes into and over numerous valleys, trekking through dense scrub in the blistering heat or the bitter cold, surviving out of a back pack, trying to outsmart the survival instinct of an animal that has evolved to elude one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. In doing so I will continue to enjoy the magnificent splendour of the wonderful state of Victoria (and beyond). I will learn things about myself. How determined or lazy I am. How fit or unfit I am. How patient or impatient I am. How strong or how weak I am. I will learn what I am versus what I want to be. I will meet other people who in 100 lives I would have nothing else in common with but still be able to build a stronger bond over one campfire than I could working in an office next to them for a year. The hunt is the reason all of these things will play out in my immediate future. Good times ahead. Thanks in advance to all the contributors to this forum look forward to adding my experience as a newbie for your entertainment. I’m going to go for a look around here now. If there are any threads you guys recommend for newbies pls let me know. Kindest regards Chris K.
  13. Hi Joe from Canberra here. I have a 30-06. I usually go into the Vic high country looking for Sambar. No luck yet. I'm now looking for properties to hunt Fallow closer to home. Anywhere within a 3 hour radius will be perfect. Does anyone have a property they can share with me please? Getting pretty desparate... Cheers
  14. Howdy New to hunting, but old to shooting. Just moved back to NSW after 17 years North of the border Looking to hunt deer on the south coast of NSW, home base being wollongong . Just on here to get more education on the subject. Cheers 12g, .22LR, .357 mag levers, 243win/300WM for the range and 7mm-08 for the bush
  15. hi from gippsland way, just like been in bush,
  16. Hey. I’m from Geelong, never hunted before, I’ve got a mate who trains in Army Cadets who occasionally hunts Fox, might pair up with him if I’m allowed. I’m kinda new to the hunting industry but I’m looking to maybe be hunting particularly rabbits.
  17. Young rookie here learning the ropes, G'day.
  18. Hi, live in Sydney but spend a lot of time in the bush. Have a .222 and my interest is feral animal reduction, especially cats and foxes. I take a lot of pleasure in reloading, and love my 222 that I bought new 40 years ago. Have thermal equipment, and exploring the possibility of training up a scent detection dog for foxes and cats.
  19. Love to hear some hunting stories about your time in SA.
  20. Hi all, keen hunter living in Melbourne, originally grew up hunting in South Africa. It’s awesome to now live in a country that provides access to public land hunting.
  21. G,day all New hunter here but done years of shooting. Looking at doing some nsw public land hunts and see what others doors open
  22. Hey guys I actually live in Victoria now, but i’m moving to NSW soon I love hunting, but unfortunately don’t get to go out as often as I’d like Looking forward to chatting with you guys Regards Flynn
  23. Hello from NZ. We have great deer hunting here and would like to see whats available in Australia especially Queensland side as i am a frequent traveler
  24. hiya, looking forward to getting some hunting done in the alpines Cheers, Pooslice
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