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  2. G'Day all! I am from Melbourne! Applied for A/B, got a gun safe with weight less than 150 kg and waiting for feedback from VicPol. Looking for a help with installation of the gun safe (i.e. contact of a good man who can drill concert and secure the safe).. Cheers
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  4. Hi all very happy to found a group for hunter, had few years hunting experience, but still want learn more form the old member. cheers
  5. Hi, Just completed my firearms training so can now apply for a licence. Keen to learn how to stalk the mighty Sambar.
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  7. Hi All Jarrah here from the Gold Coast, just got back into shooting and looking forward to some hunting. Cheers
  8. Hi. Ex GPS comp shooter. Grew up hunting central west NSW. Promised myself I’d never kill another thing again till my 18 yo 190cm monster of a child says “feed me protein” 😂. Thanks for the add.
  9. Hi, Just a new member from Geelong checking out the wider community. New to on land hunting but getting setup gradually and learning. Gerard.
  10. Check out ADA Brisbane, usual have meeting on 1st Friday of the even months. The building is right beside ssaa Brisbane Not sure with Covid stuff but believe they have FB page that is active
  11. Howdy. Graeme from Brisbane here. Been a keen hunter most of my life, but since moving to SEQ from FNQ 10 years ago things have been a bit slow for me. Have mainly hunted ferals but would love to get into deer hunting for meat for my family 👍. Hope to be able to contribute to the forum on hunting and custom rifle building subjects. Cheers for having me. G
  12. Hi I'm Juan and have been hunting and using guns all my life .
  13. Hi All New to the sight Gate are open as of tomorrow heading up to the top of Butcher country and howitt for a hunt if you see a white triton up there pull in and say hi will be there to Tuesday if weather permitts. Cheers Matt
  14. Gday people ,Wayno here saying g'day from the Hastings area, compound bow hunter here, love getting on the 70 pounder and feeling that spine leave.
  15. G'day, I'm Chris from Brisbane, getting back into shooting and hunting after about a decade away from it. Hoping for some good info on here to get back into swing of it. Cheers.
  16. Hello I am Lucas from Melbourne! Nice to meet everyone!
  17. Afternoon from Adelaide , Been hunting since Jesus left Melbourne but gave it away for a while , now I'm back in the hunt . Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  18. G'day from SA. Enjoy hunting for roos and deer mostly.
  19. Afternoon all. Long time owner of bangsticks for abt 60 plus years. Live up the hill from where I was pupped in 1947 at Coogee NSW. I bin everywhere incl Europe where I last did an armed bushwalk on 2019 around Lombardia (val Camonica) and Piemonte (Val di Susa) over to France at Mon Cenis/ Monte Cenisio) and Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia in Sep-OCT. Still out and about. Adam might know me through Vit? Curse this virus !!!!
  20. Hey guys, I'm from Perth, I've done mostly deer and hare hunting in NZ. Wanted to do more hunting here in WA. Just want to try get a few connections and mates to go hunting with. Young fella here so still don't have my license but getting it next year. I'm interesting pig hunting and don't mind fox and rabbit hunting either.
  21. Hi all, New here I live on the Gold Coast I'm 44 yr old been hunting since I was a kid calibres I use are 22lr , 223rem , 6.5 creedmoor and 25/06. Cheers
  22. Hi all, South Aussie Hunter here! I look forward to participating in the forum!
  23. Hi there guys, Thank you for letting me in. Cheers
  24. Hey all, An avid hunter from NZ who has moved to Melbourne and I am keen to get out in the Victoria High Country hills after the sambar. Cheers Johnny M
  25. Hi Markusshoot, welcome to the forum! This isn’t really the place for questions - just “hello’s” so typically you won’t get answers here. Having said that, if you re-post your question in the General Discussion area, I’ll look up the traps that I’ve had some success with and put some info in there for you Duncs
  26. Hello guys, how are you all during these hard times? Need your help. I am exhausted in the fight against these rodents. They destroyed every stock of bait and bait they could get to. I kept them so carefully until I got a couple of rats. I don't want to use the poison. My children often run into the garage. So I want to start with mechanical traps. What can you recommend? I have found these two traps. Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap Сan you tell something about these products?
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