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  3. I have also heard from close friends that these Bushnell are really great. Have you used them?
  4. Should it be from hunting gear or just a few things. Write down what you are specifically looking for
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  7. Hi All Steve from Bendigo here. Cheers
  8. If your a ebay member, $50? A year. You can get a rino 750 for $530. I think that's the cheapest I have seen ever
  9. Joe, a report of one of the FB pages of just that happening recently. 30" stag on the ground. Grant.
  10. do they call in 30 inch stags, or just mum looking the kids
  11. Clever those brown things, they know all my plans too. Grant.
  12. I’ve got one of these. One of my mates tested it on a wallaby to see how it reacts, and lo and behold a Sambar hind stepped out from behind a bush to see what was going on. I’ve tried it on two hunts now with no response, I think the bastards know my plans.
  13. Well, five and a half months on and we have been able to maintain the price. The new model is green and slightly longer but the same sounds. Beats me why Flexmark had to change a winning size and colour but there you go, fixing something that ain't broke. We also provide written instructions, saves having to go to their website to find out how to use it. Grant.
  14. Hi everyone :) Here to get hints tips.
  15. Gday everyone, hunted quite some time ago and getting back into it. Keen to get out there ! Mainly deer and pests
  16. Occasional looker but thought I would join. Getting back into shooting and hunting as now retired. Gun collection ranges from weihrauch .177 to 404 Jeffery. Just got R license.
  17. G'day, Glad to be here, My names Adam and i enjoy anything outdoors and obviosuly hunting. Mainly with guns.
  18. Hi guys Antonio here, new to hunting ! Adelaide based
  19. G’day folks, Ben from out near Ballarat here. Look forward to chatting setups, spots and all. Cheers
  20. G'day I'm Mark from Central Vic I'm friends with Shaun ( AKA ) Browny78 and Ads Browny and I have spent a lot of time hunting and camping I've hunted pigs cats foxes rabbits and fallow deer New to hunting Sambar Looking forward to getting away meeting new people and learning the tricks of the trade
  21. G’day all I’m Browny I’ve been a keen hunter since a young age , hunting foxes , rabbits and pigs now 44 and always keen to lean more I’m only a beginner at deer stalking and look forward to getting to know members
  22. Hi new to the forum was put onto it by a YouTuber I have a 7mm08 that I am going to use for deer when I finally find one and a 223 for foxes
  23. Hi, I live near Gympie and thought I'd look this forum up as the other two forums I'm on are the same old, same old.
  24. Hey all. I'm an expat in Malaysia at the moment, but looking to move back to NSW in the near future and take up hunting to put meat on my table. Figure this might be a great spot for me to learn some things first.
  25. Hi All Mr K from Vic love bow hunting foxes
  26. Hi i want to be just like my dad, the best samburstalker.
  27. hi to all from Brisbane been out of the game for a while and back for more sultanas
  28. Even before the greed and covid taxes, it is hard and a bigger hobby than you think to set up with the never ending list of must haves. I was going to start with a cheap .22 like a Savage or Marlin but a few hundred more got me a CZ. Cry once and got a 22 for life. I laughed at what they wanted for 2nd hand guns and lots are duds that blokes just sell, it's a suss thing and I found it better to buy new in stock rifles on sale. Everyone needs a 22, so why not buy one first and send thousands of rounds of cheap ammo through it. I shot mine for over 6 months and was shopping for a shotty. The Akkar was about $1,200 but shotties have to fit and handle well and when I picked up a Beretta Silver pigeon, I knew it was for me and got one on sale. Shooting clays the cheap ones may give problems but should go fine in the field not shooting as many rounds. If you go one project at a time you can put the thought into the next and not make the common mistakes like buying a varmint and a 6-24 power scope to hike in the hills for 6 hours with. Also think hard on cal choices for the same reasons.
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