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  1. Gday Brad here 

    love to get out and chase a few pig goats and deer with my steyr.243

  2. G'day,

    Tommy here, long time rifle shooter, ex army. Own rem 700 sps in. 308. Finally getting out for some venison meat after a long time away from the game.

  3. Gday im Branden I hunt samba deer and ferals on both public and private property I shoot a 308 

  4. Gday. Another new boy keen to learn. 

    1. David Butts

      David Butts

      Any deer hunting tips or hints greatly appreciated 

  5. New to hunting, keen to learn all I can

  6. Good day everyone from south africa

  7. G’day, my name is Steve and just getting back into sambar hunting after about 15 years of absence. Look forward to learning and hopefully contributing to the forum.

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  9. Hi AH

    Ive been trying to make my VIP payment, but every time i try it says to try another method, ive done paypal and visa and it still wont accept it ? Ill take aphoto of the screen next time i try for you if you want!




    1. AusHunter


      Hi Paul,

      did it work?  

      i still need to double check all the paypal settings.



    2. sinbadpaul


      No ive just checked and it is still doing the same.

      No Panic, let me know when you get it sorted and ill pay straight away. Or i can send you my card details if you want mate.

  10. back in the hot seat for a while

  11. Winter hunting is here!

  12. few more hunts before the end of the year

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