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  1. Yeah I’m running the solomons and they have been rock solid and I’m hard on boots.
  2. I normally just fart in my trench coat...
  3. Ahhh mate I want to pretend I’m not jealous and I’m happy with my spotty but granny would go up for auction for one of those! Looking forward to review mate and congrats on both the thermal and getting it past the minister for war and finance.
  4. Yep halogen for me - went hid now back. Got led spotties on the cruiser they are good for driving but just not as good as the halogen for my eyes. My 2c
  5. Shit mate no good, that’ll keep you out of the hopuatte salute club for a while. Hope she heals up mate.
  6. Gday blokes, 34 and live in Qld but mainly hunt nsw. moving down next year for work. Live to hunt. cheers and talk soon legends.
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